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“Here! Come and join me. This table belonged to the ancient kings of Camelot. A round table afforded no one man more importance than any other. They believed in equality in all things. So, it seems fitting that we revive this tradition now. Without each of you, we would not be here. My father has languished in prison for too long. Tomorrow, I make my bid to rescue him. Are there any around this table who will join me?” - {happy birthday @mistresspendragon}


you’ve married an   i c a r u s
                   he has flown to close to the   s u n


“To look up is to look back in time, because the ancient beams of light are messengers from the Universe’s distant past.”

- Brian Cox, Wonders of the Universe



What’s wrong? What happened? Why are you all doing that? John? Did I do it wrong?
No, you didn’t.  C o m e  h e r e .

I thought it could be fun to name canon lesbian, bi, gay, pan and asexual charcters (those i know) from different popular movies and shows which are not LGBT+ related. (You will not see Eurus Holmes or Culverton Smith here)


Charlie Bradbury - Supernatural

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Eve Rothlo - How to get away with Murder

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Irene Adler - BBC Sherlock

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Magnus Bane - Shadowhunters

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Annalise Keating - How to get away with murder

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Wonder woman 

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Ianto Jones - Torchwood

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Captain Jack Harkness -Torchwood/Doctor Who

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Hannibal - Hannibal

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Rapheal Santiago - Shadowhunters

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Wow, i think i missed some. That are not really much. You can add some if you want. But please noone from Orange is the new Black” or Sense8″ 

(Edit: I was sure Hannibal is canon-pan, mabye i am wrong. But i will not remove him from that list)

Carl Sagan suggested to NASA the idea to turn the Voyager 1 camera back towards Earth, when the spacecraft went beyond Neptune for one last look at what he called « the Pale Blue Dot »

“And whilst I suppose it has a very limited scientific value, for me, this tiny point of light is the most powerful and profound demonstration of perhaps the most human of qualities : our unique ability to reflect on the universe’s existence and our place within it.” — Prof. Brian Cox