bbc winterwatch


Hello, tonight again, she watched Winterwatch on BBC, lol. I wonder what she sees or how she sees it,  I mean cats don’t perceive the full range of colors that humans can, so when she saw again a fox, her eyes got big then she saw the bird (second picture) she stood up and when to sit on the table, after that she jumped up to the TV and looked the presenters. 

Then she got very concentrated when she saw the mouse, she sat and didn’t move until it was over, after that she went back in her basket, the one on the cat tree and she continued to watch and I looked at her because it was quite something, she was very concentrated, sometimes her eyes got bigger when she saw birds flying and her ears were moving, cats are amazing.


BBC Winterwatch Unspung - (Skip to 13:50) - Red Deer loses his antler and scares himself