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Went into TWP twitter tag and saw Emma Frost confirming that Henry didn’t cheat on Lizzie in episode 7. 

Apparently, they left it open to interpretation whether there was an affair (I guess like the BBC version of TWQ), but Emma Frost didn’t write it with the intention that anything actually happened… and if they don’t actually show anything I guess I’ll have to trust her word right? 

I’ll have to wait and see when I watch but it seems like Emma Frost was way more concerned with getting rid of the affair than the rape. That seems like it bothered her the most in the books.

anonymous asked:

Same anon about Cathy, so basically they're making Henry Richard III on BBC version of the TWQ minus the sick wife?

yep! it’s the Richard/Anne/Lizzie plot all over again -it was to ruin ‘Henry’, and now, it is to ‘ruin’ Perkin. ha!


London, 1952. 

Richard York, a former RAF pilot living in a village outside London, has made murder his business. A notoriously reclusive figure, York makes a living as a reluctantly fashionable writer of murder mysteries, receiving critical and public acclaim for his work. He lives, works, exists in solitude, and that is how he likes it. Until  Anne Neville, a young librarian from the city, knocks on his door and asks for advice in solving a case she swears the police have gotten wrong. She fashions herself an amateur detective by night, and while York can appreciate her enthusiasm, he gently brushes her off, saying his “little books of nonsense” can hardly qualify him as consultant, even for her. It is only after weeks pass that the pattern starts to arise. Someone is copying murders from Richard’s books, and it is down to him and Anne to catch a very real murderer.