bbc tumble


First off in our August-closure-period-photo-sets (perhaps it needs a snappier name) some Cyr Wheel.

From top:

Graduate Billy George (currently appearing on BBC One’s Tumble)

Current students Jess, Fiona and Lil (all Cyr Wheel specialists who’ll be starting their final year this September)

Graduate Charlie Wheeller (currently appearing in Bromance in Edinburgh) x 2.

Watch some Cyr Wheel videos.

bbcone ‘Tumble’ and the National Centre for Circus Arts We’re very pleased to be working as circus consultants on the BBC’s new show 'Tumble’ and are providing the aerial training in the lead up to the live shows.

We also have four National Centre graduates working on the show as celebrities’ pro-partners: Kate McWilliam, Billy George, Kat Would and Holly Johnstone (pictured above while students here - photography by Bertil Nilsson).

National Centre teachers Amy Panter and Katharine Arnold are the aerial teachers for the project.

Episode 1 airs at 6.30pm on Saturday 9 August, BBC 1.

Find out more about the show at


The Shakespeare Code 

As a reward for her help in the last episode, Martha Jones gets a trip in the TARDIS. The Tenth Doctor takes her to 1599 England. After viewing a performance of Shakespeare’s latest play, the time travellers are beset by apparent sorcery. Under threat of annihilation from a species from the Dark Times, the TARDIS team have to establish whether there is a connection between a witch they’ve met and Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Won — a play that was legendarily lost to time.