bbc sherlock unaired pilot

I’d like to thank the makers of sherlock for releasing the pilot so we know what teen sherlock looked like

I mean look at that little bb genius

if you don’t think this is the cutest shit I don’t know what to say to you

look poor teenaged Sherlock’s gone and got a drink in his face at the pub, maybe if he weren’t such a dick

partied a lil too hard there buddy, it’s okay adorable pilot lestrade will help you out

this concludes my thank you

im watching the unaired pilot again

now, are you seriously trying to convince me that as Moffat and Gatiss wrote this super cheesy episode that looks a lot like a bad american procedural from 90s they were thinking about bringing up a secret sister at the end of the narrative arc?


rewatching the unaired pilot like:

me making noises and clapping like a retarded seal every time i watch my otp even look at each other. i swear I’ll combust with all that ust between them uugggghhhh

john is shook:

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ofcourse he is:

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let’s go looking for a flat because we’re not smitten with each other:

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ok yes im in love too already ugh:

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lezzzz get to bed:

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oh god yes:

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sorry I’m crying at the beauty of these two. they’ll be my drug of death, bye, world!