bbc sherlock unaired pilot

Sherlock's and John's walkaway where it looks like

- just below the screen - John takes his hand from his pocket 

and reaches across to take Sherlock's hand [Requested by callie-ariane]
By: thejennire 
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im watching the unaired pilot again

now, are you seriously trying to convince me that as Moffat and Gatiss wrote this super cheesy episode that looks a lot like a bad american procedural from 90s they were thinking about bringing up a secret sister at the end of the narrative arc?


The Unaired Pilot is Gay: A Meta

inspired by the-7-percent-solution

I’d like to thank the makers of sherlock for releasing the pilot so we know what teen sherlock looked like

I mean look at that little bb genius

if you don’t think this is the cutest shit I don’t know what to say to you

look poor teenaged Sherlock’s gone and got a drink in his face at the pub, maybe if he weren’t such a dick

partied a lil too hard there buddy, it’s okay adorable pilot lestrade will help you out

this concludes my thank you