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“You bring out the worst in me.” 
~Unlike Pluto - Worst In Me

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Sherlock: Is a phone call possible? 

Mycroft: Phone call? 

Sherlock: Sherlock has a brother he may wish to say goodbye. John has a daughter he may wish to say goodbye.

god i KEEP going on about this but the thob/tld parallels???

  • both contain repressed memories
  • drugs that alter/corrupt the memories of those its administered to: john ‘seeing’ the hound vs faith aka john not remembering who culverton murdered // sherlock ‘seeing’ the hound vs ‘seeing’ faith
  • baiting: sherlock getting culverton to murder him in tld vs sherlock taking henry (his mirror) to the moors to confront the hound
  • sherlock having breakdowns in both episodes after trying to conflate what hes seen and what is reality: ‘seeing’ the hound vs seeing the real faith
  • sherlock feeling belittled: john’s exasperation at sherlock’s fear in thob vs culverton aka john laughing at him in tld
  • john becoming angry at sherlock after each breakdown and an ensuing fight

Somehow whenever I see someone talking about the lost special website all i can see now is Mark hunched in front of his computer, maniacally reprogramming the HTML code of and continuously uploading shady pictures under shady links while grinning madly and muttering to himself about ‘ohh this is brilliant it’ll make them insane’

meanwhile Ian stands in the door like 'honey u know I’m with you but…. don’t u think you’re taking this a little bit too -’ 'No ShUt uP ian thiS WILL SHOW THEM FOR THAT 31% ON ROTTENTOMATOES’

Here’s the deal: I love slow burn fics. I love angst and pining and tension and build-up and a big climactic love confession. I adore friends to lovers stories where a lot of things need to occur before a romance can conceivably happen with my otp(s).

But do you know what? I also love established relationship fics. I love a pairing working through things as a couple. I love stories where my otp(s) get together right away and navigate through things together (Working on the Edges comes to mind).

The challenges of writing them are different, as are the challenges the couples will face within the story.

There’s no one right way to write a love story. And love isn’t less meaningful or good or real if it’s not full of huge amount of pain or put through the wringer before its allowed to happen.

With BBC Sherlock, I never wanted johnlock to be endgame. What I mean by that is, I never wanted to watch years of pain for the last five minutes to be tied up with a nice johnlock bow and the end. I wanted to SEE Sherlock and John together. To see them as a couple as they face challenges head on-as a UNIT.

It’s one of the reason I love the Twitter RPs so very much. They start out in the current timeline when Sherlock and John have known each other as long as they have, but Sherlock and John are a couple and it’s so wonderful to see them just BEING. Just EXISTING together.

the signs as Holmes Brothers moments:
  • Aries: Sherlock being Mycroft's pressure point
  • Taurus: "Your loss would break my heart."
  • Gemini: Sherlock and Mycroft's bet in tab
  • Cancer: Mycroft and Sherlock playing operation
  • Leo: Young Mycroft and Sherlock at the drug den
  • Virgo: "Caring is not an advantage."
  • Libra: Sherlock calling Mycroft at the wedding
  • Scorpio: Sherlock twisting Mycroft's arm
  • Sagittarius: "Do you ever wonder whether there's something wrong with us?"
  • Capricorn: "I'm not lonely, Sherlock." "How would you know?"
  • Aquarius: Mycroft looking at Sherlock after he shot Magnussen, seeing him as his baby brother
  • Pisces: Mycroft being scandalised when Sherlock suggests he might've gotten himself a "goldfish"
  • Someone: Hey I started watching the show you recommended!
  • Me: Which one?
  • Someone: The one where the main character died but not really.
  • Me: Which one?
  • Someone: You know, the one where you think the other main character is bi.
  • Me: Which one?
  • Someone: The one where you ship the main character with his best friend and the main character's brother with another dude.
  • Me: Which one?
ACD The Lost Special

Excerpt from Wikipedia (which TST told us to look at): 

A conspiracy of men had temporarily re-attached the side track leading to the abandoned mine Heartsease just long enough for the train to go down to the mine, then pulled the tracks back up before they could be discovered. The police, as well as the “amateur reasoner”, had dismissed the side lines leading to abandoned lines because the railway had removed the connecting tracks and did not consider the possibility of anyone else laying down tracks. Herbert suppresses the names of his employers in this confession, but threatens to reveal their names if he is not granted a pardon.

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