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John’s hands. One on Sherlock’s nek and the other on Sherlock’s arm. Doesn’t it remind u something? It’s exactly the same way Sherlock hugged John in TLD. Coincidence? Nope. In this show coincidences don’t exist. It means, if you think about it, that Sherlock not only remember how John hugged him, but also that Sherlock thinks that it is the way John want to be hugged, I think. It is the way John makes feel someone loved and safe and it is probably the way Sherlock felt and so Sherlock did the same when John needed, he hugged him with one hand on John’s nek and the other on John’s arm. Bacause in that moment John needed love and to feel safe.

I…I don’t know if it makes sense but this hug, John’s hug, hit me and reminded me of Sherlock’s hug.
I don’t know what to think now, I need a blanket.
Also, I feel really stupid cause probably someone just noticed it ages ago soooooooo now it’s time for me to go. And hide. Bye.


The point isn’t that John is thrown a rope despite being chained to the bottom of the well. The point isn’t that they managed to leap to safety from an exploding flat. The point isn’t that Mycroft, previously referred to as the ice man, is terrified and repulsed to the point of vomitting. The point isn’t that we never saw the contents of John’s letter. The point isn’t that the timeline for Eurus meeting Moriarty doesn’t actually make sense within the previously established narrative. The point isn’t that a kid went missing and no adult authority thought to check in the nearby well. The point isn’t that John’s hair grew seemingly overnight. The point isn’t Sherlock failing to notice missing glass. The point isn’t that John strong moral principle Watson could have an affair and beat his best friend to a pulp. The point isn’t that we never found out who the “mutual friend” was. The point isn’t that there was a dog bowl. The point isn’t that paper somehow survived the flat going up in flames.

The point is that all these things happened together. There isn’t just one singular thing to look at and go “that’s why series 4 sucked”, it’s all of these inconsistencies put together. I just keep seeing people say things like “omg obviously we didn’t need to see John getting unchained to know that it happened” and “would people get over the fucking letter, it wasn’t important what it said its just about the drama” and I’m like that’s totally valid if we were just looking at any one (or even a couple) of these things happening throughout this series. But we’re not. All of these things happened. Yes people are making a big deal out of little things, but it’s because when you actually add up the amount of little things…well turns out that list isn’t actually that little.

This series displayed some truly lazy writing, and not on a small scale.

Can We Please Talk About All These Little Moments That Are Killing My Poor Heart

I loved The Final Problem so much!!! If nothing else, just for all these little moments of relationship growth between John and Sherlock:

1. John Taking Over For Sherlock

Ugh, the way that John takes over the interview is killing me - not to mention the fact that Sherlock lets him. Sherlock has to deal with childhood trauma, betrayal, and malfunctioning memory all at once, and he doesn’t seem entirely sure as to how to proceed. John takes the wheel like a boss, his condescension for Mycroft making him seem more protective over Sherlock than ever. 

2. “John Stays”

Nuff said. My heart. 

3. Sherlock Trying To Spare John

When Sherlock has to choose either John or Mycroft to shoot the governor, he hands the gun straight to Mycroft. Yes, this is probably also due to some lingering resentment for getting them into this situation. But the whole scene is one big moment of Sherlock being concerned about John’s emotional well-being, and it has Sherlock frequently uttering things like “It’s all right” or “You’re all right?” towards the latter.

4. Sherlock Constantly Checking Up On John

While we’re at the subject of concern about John -  I love how many times Sherlock pauses to ask John if he’s okay. Sherlock has always cared about John, but tends to shove that aside in the heat of a case. In this episode, Sherlock is under more stress than he has every been. And yet we see him constantly prioritise John’s well-being over everything else. My poor, poor heart. 

5. Helping Each Other Up

John being emotional support for Sherlock is nothing new, but it is still a nice little moment - especially because it has an element of role reversal. Sherlock  has pulled John up from rock bottom in the past. Now they are both confident in being each other’s support. 

6. Sherlock Choosing John Over Mycroft - And Mycroft Fully Expecting Him To Do So

Again: ugh. I love many things about this scene, but most of all how readily Mycroft accepts that he stands no chance against John Watson. He even tries to help Sherlock through the inevitable. And when John tries to object, Mycroft makes it clear that this is not John’s decision. He will not let his little brother kill the person he loves the most.

7. And, Of Course, This



DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT WHEN JOHN SAID, “He’s Sherlock. Why would he care? Who would he bother protecting?” THAT THE ONLY THREE PEOPLE IN THE ROOM