bbc sherlock fanart

Here is the long-promised art I commissioned from the inimitable shootbadcabbies. I asked for “Sherlock torturing Mycroft or just generally being an annoying dweeb with him. I also have a major soft spot for bees.” Thank you for this kidlock moment; I love it. Hail her, with great praise!

On a note that’s perhaps only connected in my head, part of why I didn’t post this immediately was that Dioscurean Twins had a birthday coming up and this picture is Mycroft-related. Her fics really made the relationship between the Holmes brothers come alive for me. I wanted to share it in honor of the day. If you’d like to read and review one of her fics, I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

Even though I think Sherlock is more suited to being a Quidditch commentator than player, in my personal headcanon he was relieved of that position due to his inability to stop throwing his own unpopular opinions into his commentary, and somehow coerced into trying out for seeker.

He’d certainly be good at noticing the snitch.