bbc sherlock eyes

please don’t imagine sherlock teaching rosie how to play the violin and one day when john gets home they sit him down and tell him they have a surprise for him and that he has to close his eyes, and when he opens them rosie is standing up rod straight and slowly makes her way through twinkle twinkle little star while sherlock kneels next to her and softly tells her to carry on when she gets a note wrong because she’s doing fantastically, and john has to look away and up at the ceiling for a moment because the picture in front of him is so perfect that he can feel tears in his eyes

Captain John H. Watson

I think we can all agree that we need more soldier!John in this fandom.

Grey colour pencil, mechanical and classic pencil. I messed up his face, and it bothers me like hell.

moriarty: *is evil*

me: you’re my honeybunch sugarplum
pumpy umpy umpkin you’re my sweetie pie
you’re my cuppycake gumdrop
snoogums boogums you’re the apple of my eye