Irene: [to the airport worker behind counter] Excuse me. You have a computer glitch at the arrivals board.

[man ignores Irene]

Irene: Hello. Sir, excuse me. Yoo-hoo.

[man gestures for Irene to wait and continues to type]

Irene: Great.

[Irene flashes him; he stops working]

Irene: Yeah. Hi. The flight from France?

Kate: [from behind] Tell me you tried “excuse me” first.

Confession: bbc Sherlock

After listening to all the soundtrack from s1 to s4 again in one go, I’ve concluded I just really really love this show and the story they’re telling

Like honestly, s1 was so light hearted and fun, I think of all seasons, this is the one I love least (I still love it though!) mostly because it’s an introduction series. Getting to know the characters and a bit of who they currently are. I think that’s why I love it least, because after KNOWING who they are, I already know them so I don’t feel as excited rewatching their introductions. I want to know them MORE, how they interact after they’ve gotten past the early stages of getting to know each other. And I don’t just mean John and Sherlock, I’m also referring to Mycroft and Greg and Molly and Hudders.

I LOVE s2 because this is where the fun gets intensified and yet the trade off is larger. The cases are more interesting, the character interactions gives me more insight to all of the characters. Every second and every scene in ASIB, I loved. We see so much more of how Sherlock and John has gotten so much closer, Irene teasing Sherlock about his sexuality and virginity, poor Molly in that Christmas scene, etc etc. Hounds was also a refreshing case, and trf is when it starts to become personal to Sherlock and shit is getting real serious.

S3 was also another strong season. The reunion was refreshing, I find it brilliant that moftiss went with a light hearted tone for the reunion but they still managed to hit all the important points. Especially since the fanworks leading to that series were mostly very angsty when it came to post trf reunion (which I love) so the fact that moftiss made theirs more light hearted is unexpected in a good and brilliant way. If it were too angsty and ended up falling right out of a fic trope, then it would be kinda predictable so I loved that teh went the way that it did. Tsot was a different style and tbh at first I didn’t quite like that everything happened inside a speech coz it felt like nothing was happening. But overall, the episode was a nice break from the serious crime dramas and for once we actually get to see the boys chilling and bonding like 2 nerds in a pub. And hlv, don’t even get me started on that, it’s one of my ultimate fave, hands down.

And then there was s4. Tbh I feel like s4 is much much much better than the devil shit people make it out to be. It’s not perfect, but it’s by no means terrible. I loved tst, the arc of Mary was a good one imo. Maybe some people hated it because they hated Mary, they want to see her die as an irredeemable villain, but moftiss had other plans, idk that’s people’s right to have their own opinion. But for me I LOVED it. Watching hlv and tst back to back, I feel like the Mary arc was done really well. And following through that, the repercussions of her death and John and Sherlock’s emotional reactions to everything that’s falling apart was shown in tld. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tld. This is the other one that I’d call my ultimate fave. Because EVERYTHING about Sherlock’s character that they’ve been building up is finally being exposed as the front and centre stage in tld. I just love this ep so much. The pace was brilliant, the visual effects were stunning, the music OH MY GOD THE MUSIC! And the acting by EVERYONE, most especially Ben, were so phenomenal in this ep. I was blown away. Tfp for me is like a mix bag of “I love it” and “but glaring plot holes and continuity error”. I can’t defend its continuity errors and plot holes and it does bother me, and the special effects was weakest in this ep. But no matter what I simply can’t hate it because of the amazingly emotional journey and thrill the episode had to offer, and although I don’t quite like how the real eurus character was handled (I feel it’s a bit too over the top) but I really appreciate having the flashbacks and insight to how the Holmes family looked like during their childhood.

And after all that, it’s like everything went full circle and I got to see so much of this version of Sherlock character that I love so much. It’s not a detective show, it’s a show about a detective. I simply love this show
John’s choices (from TEH to TLD)

I do not have a lot of sympathy for John after what he did in TLD and I won’t claim that his confession / speech in the end of the episode is evidently confirming Johnlock because it isn’t evidently doing so, however I can’t interpret it in any other way that could possibly make sense. 

John starts by blaming himself for not being the man he wants to be - the man who would be brave and strong and would always save his loved ones. He’s right to feel guilt. I haven’t seen people discuss the scene in which Culverton Smith says in the news that he won’t press charges against Sherlock and that he may even take him to his “favourite room”. John already knows that this is the mortuary yet he still chooses to trust Culverton more than Sherlock. Sherlock does not know that but it is another good reason for the severe guilt John feels. Sherlock quickly says that John does a disservice to himself - John was the man who killed Hope to rescue Sherlock, he was nearly killed by the Golem, he chose to sacrifice himself so Sherlock could escape from the pool and he decided to die there although, technically, if he didn’t care about Sherlock, he could perhaps survive.

So, in fact, John is not the man he wants to be but he used to be that man when he lived with Sherlock. Sherlock brings the best out of John just as much as John does the same for Sherlock.

Then John goes on and says that he cheated on Mary and that he wanted more although he knew he shouldn’t. And then he says the most enlighting thing in this baffling conversation: 

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anonymous asked:

Please, any character you write for with #69 from your list

why yes i can, nonny! 🕷️💋

Prompt 69: “You’re really soft.”

You smiled to yourself as you entered the den, spotting Sherlock seated, eyes closed, in his chair. You made your way over to him and set the mug down on the table next to him.

“Tea’s ready.”

He let out a noise, one you assumed to be of acknowledgement, but did not move. You kept your eyes on him, inspecting his features further. He seemed so peaceful when he was thinking. His steady breathing, the way his pale skin contrasted against his dark hair, and oh god, those cheekbones.

You forced your eyes away from him and towards the fireplace.

“Do you need something?” his voice was quieter than usual.

“Hm? Oh, no, I was just, uh…Looking. At the…Stuff,” you picked up a piece of paper and pretended to read before turning to Sherlock, expecting him to give you that classic Do you know who you’re talking to? Do you think I’m stupid? look. But he didn’t. He still hadn’t even opened his eyes. You let out an almost silent sigh and dropped the paper back to it’s place and then took a seat in John’s chair.

“How’s the stuff?” Sherlock smirks, finally opening his eyes. He leans back and picks up his drink.

“Oh, you know,” you raise your eyebrows and attempt a pleasant, yet obviously fake voice, “Object-y. Very stuff-like. Extremely similar to - but not to be confused with - things. Two very different subjects, you know. Different categories.”

Sherlock let out one of his rare (get surprisingly genuine) chuckles. The sound sent a shock of warmth through you and you couldn’t help but smile along with him.

“So, what were you thinking about?”

He took a sip of his tea before answering, “Oh, you know, stuff.”

“I’m serious!”

“I know. It was a serious answer,” he smirked again as he set down the mug.

You crossed your arms in a pout, but Sherlock didn’t seem to notice. He closed his eyes again and folded his hands - Well, there goes any continuity of that conversation.

You went on with your day, doing various chores around the flat; God only knows who would get them done if not for you.

Exhausted, you sat to take a break and again inspected Sherlock through drooping eyelids.

Something about him was so intriguing, you couldn’t pinpoint exactly what, probably because it was so many different things, and probably because your brain refused to put in any effort due to fatigue.

There was one particular feature that caught your current attention, however.

His hair sat so perfectly upon his face, the curls just long enough to move with each of his movements. They seemed so soft, so…inviting. Not that you hadn’t run your hands through them before, in fact many a time you had, both absentmindedly and intentionally, not that Sherlock minded, and, depending on the situation, he even seemed to enjoy it.

You got up from your chair and made your way towards him, completely mesmerized.

He didn’t seem to notice your presence until you ran a hand through his curls. At the touch, his eyes flew open.

“What are you doing?”

“You’re hair is really soft.”


“Like, really soft.”

“You seem tired.”

“I am,” you sat suddenly on his lap, resting your head against his shoulder, your hand still entangled in his hair.

He seemed surprised at first, though having faced the situation enough, he did not argue and instead placed a hand on your lower back for support, the other resting on your thigh.

“It’s just, like…I don’t get it. How do you get it that soft? It’s so -”

“Soft, yes, you’ve mentioned.”

You hummed in contentment, “Yeah. That. All the better for pulling, and stuff,” you weakly attempted to tighten your grasp and pressed a kiss to his neck (for the implication, of course), and you could hear his breath quicken slightly as he shifted uncomfortably, though his hold on you did strengthen slightly.

“I’m only joking,” you giggle.

“Well, I’m…glad you like it, at least,” his voice was low.

“Oh, I do, don’t worry.”