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This is the part they didn’t show you in The Final Problem.

That rope was for Sherlock to climb down into the well to John. John had been struggling to keep his head clear of the water for a good while, and he was getting exhausted; hypothermia starting to set in. It was going to be another 10 minutes or so before the police arrived to unchain John and get all of them out of there, but that could seem an endless and fatal time for a fatigued man barely able to get a gasp of air. 

Sherlock was quite a bit taller than John, so he took it upon himself to clamber down into the well and take on John’s weight so his friend could rest. How overwhelmed with relief he must be to be able to finally save his best friend from that cursed well. At this moment, it’s just the two of them, nothing else and no one else mattered.

(Discontinuity Error: I forgot to add the skull and some bones; I might add them later but who knows)

Let's be real, for a moment

The Six Thatchers was wonky. Everything felt off. The way the episode was shot , the illuminated skull picture at Baker Street, the fact our two main characters are pushed as far apart as possible all made this episode feel off. We’re supposed to be unsettled and begging for more – to ensure we tune in next week. We have to be rooting for Sherlock and John. We *all* have to be rooting for Sherlock and John.

This episode was about love. “Amo, Amas, Amat” – how good is your Latin? Sherlock and sentiment are brought up again, but we know he’s not really a machine so that shouldn’t surprise anyone. This episode is meant to question what you know about love.

***We’re lead to believe John Watson cheated on Mary by the way he texts someone at night. Someone who’s up at all hours, someone who misses him, someone who hasn’t seen him in awhile – but this is exactly a conversation he’d have with Harry, his sister. We’ve seen similar conversations on his blog. But we’re lead to believe John’s cheating. We didn’t see the contact info, our mind simply filled in the blanks with what we’ve been conditioned to assume. Classic misdirection.

***John told Mary “you could have talked to me” because “that’s what couples do” – a callback to Episode 9 when he told Sherlock “you could have called, you could have talked to me”.

***Mary taking a bullet for Sherlock but then telling him to go to Hell? Look, these mirrors are so frequent I’m getting nauseated. Emelia Ricoletti, the bride in episode 10, knew she was a dead woman walking, so she made her death count. She was part of something greater. Her death seemed like a boring suicide, but it was worth so much more than that. We see Mary tell John life as his wife was the best thing ever. Neither use the word “love”. This is important because we assume the “love” is implied. She loves John and Sherlock, Sherlock loves both of them, John loves Mary but hates Sherlock. All of this is messed up. Everything you think first is wrong. She made her death count. The long game is burning the heart out of Sherlock. That’s The Final Problem. And she just did an amazing job helping that along. She said his job is to save John Watson. She knows he’s in grave danger because she knows the long game. And Sherlock can go to hell.

***John presumably broke his wedding vows, Mary has been lying to him since day one YET FOR SOME REASON Sherlock *accidentally* breaking the vow from John’s wedding is the one that gets all the attention.

This is a love story. “Amo, amas, amat” – “I love, you love, she loves”. The seeds have been planted.

Have you been paying attention?

Hell, Norway

I usually don’t do giant posts about theories and whatnot but I decided to share this little snippet.

So during “Mary’s” travel montage, she passes through Norway, where she then finds the fake passport. In the Norway scene, there’s a lot of boats and water in the background, as well as the rocky hills.

Then, at the end of the episode, we’re surprised with this clip:

She doesn’t seem to be saying that in a mean tone in my opinion.

She could be saying go to Hell, as in a place called “Hell”…

Now where would we find a place called hell? what does that even mean?

Ah yes, of course, Hell, Norway

Hell, Norway is also conveniently beside water where boats are able to easily come and go. Could that be where she’s trying to lead Sherlock to? Perhaps.

It’s also slightly rumored that in the Final Problem “Holmes and Watson travel to Europe to escape Moriarty’s vengeance.”

Is she leading them to a trap? Who knows.

(shoutout to @wait-what-oops for helping me come up with this)


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