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Sherlock Series 4 premiere dates according to official sources (so far)

[As of December 3, 2016 (+ 1 update)click here to check for updates]

This list is my annual biennial triennial attempt to gather the international Sherlock Series 4 premiere dates that have been officially announced. I piece it together based on past broadcaster info, fan reports, a whole bunch of good old fashioned digging, and some help from Google Translate.

Premieres are listed from earliest to latest dates. Questions? See the notes at the end of the post.

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We got the first script and we were like, ‘Crikey this is incredible!’; and then we got the second script and we were like, 'This is even better than the first one!’; and then we got to the third one and it was - 'How are we going to pull this off?!’; But I think if we do pull it off it’ll be amazing.
—  New S4 quote from Amanda Abbington in Crime Scene Magazine -

When all your responsibilities catch up to you

Donald Woods Winnicott (1896–1971) was one of Britain’s foremost pediatricians and psychoanalysts. As President of the Paediatric Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in 1952 and of the Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Winnicott was a clinician committed to the dissemination of psychoanalytic ideas to wider global audiences through talks, lectures, and publications. During WWII, he made BBC broadcasts to parents about motherhood and child psychology.

The quote above is from The Ordinary Devoted Mother and Her Baby BBC Broadcast series. This episode, ‘The World in Small Doses’, was first broadcasted on the 16th November 1949, as ‘Presenting the World to a Baby’. Here, D. W. Winnicott talks about imagination, the inner world, and the way in which the world is presented to children.

Image by Anna Shannon for Oxford University Press.

Because I am a foolish fool, I decided I could attempt the “chase down worldwide premiere dates for the new series of Sherlock” thing one more time this year.

So that post is coming next, and then there will be updates over the course of December. If you don’t want to see those updates, you can block my #s4 airdates tag.