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Mary is going to say “Vatican Cameos” in a sing-song, malicious way right before she literally stabs John through the back while facing Sherlock.

There are multiple posts going on about this idea, so here’s my bet. Episode 3. Long after the divorce, Mary is found working freelance for the villain. She is given another chance to redeem herself. But again she proves to be heartless. This time she’s especially vindictive, excited to see Sherlock hurt the proper way: by watching his beloved die instead.

The bride stabbing Sir Eustace - the wife killing the husband - signals this. And how things come in threes… Private Bainbridge, Major Sholto, Captain Watson… three stab wounds for three military men. The sign of three, indeed. John’s gonna suffer but i bet he won’t be shot - He’s already been shot. He’s gonna get stabbed in the abdomen, to mirror the other ranking officers and to parallel the “cupid’s arrow” metaphor (“Mr Archer, on the count of three shoot Dr Watson” [ASIB]).

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Hi there, are you taking fic requests? So I may or may not have gotten swept away in the gbbo hysteria... *excited gasp* but what if... Sansa is a contestant on the show and Sandor is the male judge! He's all critical & mean with intense stares. Sansa is the nations sweetheart & in it to win it. She's not going to let him intimidate her. There's lemon cakes Ohh Ramsey freaks out because someone takes his cake out of the fridge!! What have I done?!

… I think this can be arranged :D Now I want to write fics based around BBC reality shows. A series of them.

I watched Camelot for the first time last night. I definitely enjoyed it, but then this little gem put it over the top! King Arthur and Lancelot discussing the current activities of Camelot. I wish the BBC series could have found a way to reenact this!

And yes, the man in red is Richard Harris, aka Dumbledore in the first two films.

Goodbye Sherlock….

This year, my boyfriend James really wanted to get me into watching BBC’s Sherlock with him. And so in oder to get me ready for season 3 (I never watched any of it before..) we had a proper Sherlock catch-up during Christmas, watching all episodes from previous seasons and now… not only I’m totally hooked up but also I cannot believe it’s already all over for another year :(

Check out his own little goodbye image here.

I find it amusing that I can’t recognize super-known-ultra-Hollywood-famous people but I can recognize pretty much all of the Tumblr-favorite-fandom-actors from a thousand kilometers far in a foggy night, with a heavy snowstorm raging and the sun is in my eyes.