BBC Complaints Dept: “There’s absolutely no way at all whatsoever that there is a romance at all whatsoever between John and Sherlock, even though many of you never complained about this at all.”

BBC Media: *releases scripts a week later for Sherlock S1*


You know how in TEH Sherlock talked about his death being the final piece to that confrontation, because ruining his reputation wasn’t enough to complete Moriarty’s game? HE needed to die. Yeah. Well. I’m absolutely convinced The BBC is going to make a statement very soon about not commissioning series 5 of Sherlock, which will send fans everywhere spiraling into despair. Right now BBC Sherlock’s reputation is tarnished - but it’s not enough to complete their game. It NEEDS to die. If they’re recreating the social phenomenon surrounding The Final Problem of 1893 (so far it’s happening whether intended or not), then that’s their last move. I’d keep this in mind, just in case.