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When your mom calls you while you are watching your show and then asked if she interrupted anything
Critics’ Choice TV Nominations Unveiled


  • Christine Baranski – The Good Wife – CBS
  • Emilia Clarke – Game of Thrones – HBO
  • Lena Headey – Game of Thrones – HBO
  • Thandie Newton – Westworld – HBO
  • Maura Tierney – The Affair – Showtime
  • Constance Zimmer – UnREAL – Lifetime 


  • Caitriona Balfe – Outlander – Starz
  • Viola Davis – How to Get Away with Murder – ABC
  • Tatiana Maslany – Orphan Black – BBC America
  • Keri Russell – The Americans – FX
  • Evan Rachel Wood – Westworld – HBO
  • Robin Wright – House of Cards – Netflix 


  • Better Call Saul – AMC
  • Game of Thrones – HBO
  • Mr. Robot – USA Network
  • Stranger Things – Netflix
  • The Crown – Netflix
  • This Is Us – NBC
  • Westworld – HBO 

From the March 2 BBC Interview:

Robin in Charge

Kevin: “When Robin is directing she not only knows what she wants but she also gets what she wants.”

Robin: “she gets the whip”.

Kevin: “It’s Fifty shades of Frank”

Wright made her directing debut during this latest season, taking charge for three episodes, adding she was petrified at getting behind the camera.

what tv shows are watching Horsemen
  • Daniel: Lie to me, Castle, House of cards, Sherlock BBC (with Jack sometimes)
  • Jack: Supernatural (stopped watching after 8 season), Doctor Who, Sherlock BBC
  • Merritt: The Mentalist (constantly commenting, cause he thinks helping main character), Twin Peaks. House M.D.
  • Henley: How I met your mother, 2 Broke girls, Scrubs
  • Lula: The Walking Dead, Orange is the new black, Parks and Recreation
  • Dylan: CSI (non-stop injects his notes), Dexter, Hannibal
  • but they are together never miss new episode Game of Thrones
Things TV has taught me.

If you are good at solving crimes, you can never ever be nice to people.

If someone listens to classic music, they’re a serial killer.

Everyone who works in politics in DC is absurdly hot and stylish.

Ryan Murphy tends to run out of ideas rather quickly.

FBI agents drink a lot and get too personally involved in cases all the time.


Would Frank and Claire Underwood watch House of Cards?

Kevin : “They’re far too busy to watch, they’ve got way too much going on

Robin; "They’d absorb it telepathically”

Kevin: “I think it would be the White House Screening Room. They’d get some popcorn and they’d watch an incredible cut of Lawrence of Arabia. They wouldn’t be watching this sort of show.”

But would their secret service agent/lover Meechum be snuggled there in between?

Kevin: “Oh nice - a ‘threechum’”