bbc ganges

so I watched Seananners recent gang beasts video with mr.sark, terroriser and mini ladd

so I was excited over them getting to play altogether,
but then I realized Adam and Sark make the most casual reactions as possible

then theres craig and brian

like wyd


Who They Were Then

After two seasons existing off-screen, what, even, do we expect when Prince John shows up in the flesh in Season 3 episode 6?

Well, chances are it wasn’t this preening, needy psychopath who is starved for love 

and in search of villages to torch. 

He plays Guy and the Sheriff off each other.

He falls for a scheme that makes him believe he has the power to miraculously heal.

Generally speaking, he is The Worst.

And it’s awesome.

Who They Are Now

Toby Stephens, originally known for his Shakespearean and other stage roles (such as Orsino, below), 

as well as for being the very promising son of Professor McGonagall/Dowager Countess of Grantham and lauded British thespian Robert Stephens, had been in film and on stage and radio for years before coming to Robin Hood. Heck, he had even played a Bond villain in Die Another Day. (Yes, that’s Madonna. Toby has worked with everyone, and their cousin as well.)

He continued for several years to bounce around various television properties, primarily mysteries, including becoming the main character on 2012’s Vexed as Detective Inspector Jack Armstrong,

but in 2014 found what well might prove his seminal small screen role, that of Captain Flint in Starz’s Black Sails. (*bloody gif provided expressly to feed @interestinggin‘s bulletproof kinks)

In 2015, he appeared in the well-received And Then There Were None Agatha Christie mini-series.

His ability to grow a wide variety of facial hair will always keep him employed in period pieces.

He is currently working on a Lost in Space series for Netflix, as John Robinson.