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BBC Women’s Footballer Of The Year 2017 nominees: 

  • Melanie Behringer (Bayern Munich and former Germany midfielder)
  • Ada Hegerberg (Olympique Lyonnais and Norway striker)
  • Hedvig Lindahl (Chelsea and Sweden goalkeeper)
  • Marta (Orlando Pride and Brazil forward)
  • Christine Sinclair (Portland Thorns and Canada forward)
The signs as stereotypical Scottish things
  • Aries: Nicola Sturgeon's unbridled rage, unleashed during FMQ at fools who think they can take her.
  • Taurus: Square Sausage and Well Fired (aka burnt) Rolls.
  • Gemini: "Whit school dae you go to?" aka "I need to know if you're Catholic because sectarianism."
  • Cancer: Being put on a lucozade drip by your mum when you're ill.
  • Leo: That time Jim Murphy got egged and acted like he'd been shot.
  • Virgo: People who pronounce "Alba gu Brath" with a 'th' sound.
  • Libra: That one week of summer. The topless middle aged men with beer bellies. The only six pack they have is of Tennents. The Tennents is warm. Also you can smell weed and stale piss.
  • Scorpio: "Gaelic was never spoken here" said by people from places where gaelic was most definitely spoken.
  • Sagittarius: That time Alex Salmond threw a Saltire over David Cameron's Heid.
  • Capricorn: My dad watching Football on BBC Alba and still only knowing "agus" (and). Says it so slowly it doesnt actually sound like the same word anymore but still full of pride.
  • Aquarius: Neil Oliver's Haaaaaiir.
  • Pisces: Drinking Irn Bru on a rainy beach in summer. Cold, and full of pathos.

anonymous asked:

Yup. Sony and syco can tweet and 'support' Louis' video, make a little money off of it and save face that they're behind their artist. Meanwhile they send out press releases about his 'son' not the video. And only two music outlets cover it. Billboard ignores the message and points out a photo of a football player. Bbc ignores the message and insults Louis and the song. Fans can enjoy it but to the world he's still a two dimensional football-loving lad with a son. No harm done to sony.

Of course no harm done to Sony anon. They’re a giant corporation who control the music/celebrity media & the press through threats (no more access for you) and bribery (look loads of access if you’re obedient and play our game). They can do anything they like to Louis career; that is very obvious. The Harvey W stuff - that didnt happen in a vacuum. The industry knew, the press knew but just like Sony now, cooperation in shutting up gained reward; trying to take a stand led to punishment and no one was going to take a stand with you.

In the face of that kind of power and corruption, the only ‘harm’ any of us can do is to call them all out (Syco, Epic, Sony HQ, JGG, SJPR) on behalf of Louis, repeatedly and loudly. As we did with the BBC – they wont reply or acknowledge any of it but snooty as they are, they wont like having their hypocrisy and bought opinions pointed out loudly in public.

None of these people, posturing online as sunny, successful, decent companies like to be embarrassed – as is obvious by the lengths they go to to astroturf us. And what else can we do? Watch and wait until they’ve quite finished destroying him? On the off chance that they have some secret plan to actually let him have a career after all, then the louder we shout the more convinced they’ll be that supporting him, as opposed to ruining him in full view of the industry, is in their interests. There’s an argument that they’ll punish him if we make a noise to defend him, but seriously…? What does that appeal to prisoner mentality say about their endgame?

 They’ve worked to convince us for some time now that 1) Louis chose everything thats happened to him (though the JLY video cut the feet from that for everyone other than the ‘need to hate Louis’ brigade - bad luck Sony) and/or 2) that Louis ‘team’ is doing a fine job and we’re exaggerating and over dramatic (and I seriously, *seriously* side eye anyone who’s selling that message) and/or 3) that calling Louis abusers out is a bad idea. The simple fact they try to herd us out the door or silence us, shows we bother them. The industry might be interested to learn that we have Louis back too.


1966 FIFA World Cup Final | England Vs West Germany

Wembley Stadium, London, England, 30 July 1966.

Final Score: England 4 - 2 West Germany

The eighth football World Cup and one of the most controversial finals ever. The match was played by England and West Germany on 30 July 1966 at Wembley Stadium in London, and had an attendance of 96,924. The British television audience peaked at 32.30 million viewers, making the final the most watched television event ever in the United Kingdom.

England won 4–2 after extra time to win the Jules Rimet Trophy. The England team became known as the “wingless wonders”, on account of their then-unconventional narrow attacking formation, described at the time as a 4–4–2. The match is remembered for England’s only World Cup trophy, Geoff Hurst’s hat-trick – the first one ever scored in a World Cup Final – and the controversial third goal awarded to England by referee Gottfried Dienst and linesman Tofiq Bahramov.

The final goal gave rise to one of the most famous sayings in English football, when BBC commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme described the situation as follows:

“And here comes Hurst. He’s got… some people are on the pitch, they think it’s all over. It is now! It’s four!”

i have decided
i’m going to create a women’s football twitter account, with some naff name and a shitty edited icon pic
and i’m going to reply to every single bbc tweets about men’s football with how crap and atrocious it is and how they should all return to the garden, mowing the lawn and putting up fences