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Great meta on ASiB. Where do you think this "one night" fits relative to Battersea? Can it make sense of Irene's "I don't think so, do you?" line? That one has never sat right with me.

Thanks so much @only-goodness-gives-extras ! Now that I had a chance to think about what all this means (and it’s a lot… I’m dying) - the Battersea scene was the seed that led to the one-night. I had thought Sherlock took what John said to Irene Adler as a rejection, but actually that conversation made him reconsider, which would give context to this:

“I don’t think so, do you?” could be “I don’t think he heard everything, do you?” or “I don’t think he’d understand what we’re talking about, do you?”

Sherlock did, obviously.

Because look what Sherlock was doing after he took care of the CIA agent:

He’s eating a cake. I fucking hate this show.

{Read my Elephant in the Room meta}

i guess ms paint still has its uses

But seriously, Irene faked her death, Sherlock faked his death, god knows what happened to Moriarty. Is it really that bizarre to believe BBC Sherlock as a whole is faking its own death only to reappear very soon stronger than ever?

The baby announcement was in the paper. Sherlock solved a case with us on Twitter. Is it really that bizarre to think Moriarty will also break the fourth wall and “hack” the BBC News to leak extra footage? No. It’s not bizarre. It’s genius. If they don’t do it then they missed a GREAT opportunity.

This whole series has been about hacks, leaks, confessions, secrets, truth, and breaking the fourth wall.

The game is on.

TFP Extra Footage

I’m seeing The Final Problem in cinema, and they have specifically told us to come to the cinema at 8:15 even though the episode is airing at 9. I know I’m in for extra content because I’m going to the cinema but what?? I’m just imagining sitting down and Mark Gatiss appearing on the screen saying:
“You all made a vow by walking into this theatre. What you see here today must not be repeated. What I tell to you just now, in the extra footage, must always remain a secret.”
*i hunch forward toward the screen, hands shaking, lip trembling*
*the extra footage is a remix of the theme song*

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“Watson, the baby your us”???? Using the words???? The 5th, then the second, then 6th…. Counting every word as the first and working the text till the end??? Just an assumption!

“your us” as in….. Eurus??????????

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Cabin Pressure

If you were left scratching your head last December over what all those drawings of pilots were about, or are curious to try this Cabin Pressure show but don’t want to put money down on an unknown quantity, it is your lucky day!  Radio 4 Extra is rerunning Series 3, so you can hear the story behind these images for free:

Qikiqtarjuaq: Polar bears, professionalism, the Travelling Lemon, and a zany British sense of humour

Paris: The Yogi Bear of the Drinks Cupboard vs Just Like Miss Marple

Newcastle: How long will it take for one jet carrying six people to travel from Fitton to Newcastle?