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#37 “I’m glad that I didn’t kiss her/him.”
#59 “You know I wouldn’t do this if I had another choice.”
#61 “Shut up and kiss me.”


“I’m glad that I didn’t kiss him.” Amy says and Rory snorts in disbelief.
“But you did!” He shouts, making her and you giggle.
“But tha… oh, there’s my taxi.” You say as you hear the Tardis and Amy sends you a pitying look.
You’re in love with the doctor and stupid, how you sometimes are, you told him.
Because you had the feeling he looks at you in the same way like you look at him.
But you were wrong. That’s why you asked him if you could stay with Amy and Rory a few days.
“Ready for a new adventure?” The doctor says cheerfully and you nod with a small smile.
You don’t want to lose him, no matter what your heart says.
While he says hello to the Pond’s you go in the Tardis, stroking carefully about the buttons and lights.
“Did you miss me?” You ask her quietly.
“I did.” He says behind you and you don’t have to turn around to know that he isn’t smiling anymore.
“You know I wouldn’t have done it if I had another choice.” You sigh. “But don’t let us talk about the past. Where..”
“Shut up and kiss me.” He interrupts you and confused you look up.
You didn’t even noticed that he came closer.
Instead of an answer he puts his lips on yours, kissing you softly.

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#89 “Did they hurt you?”
#90 “I don’t need a hero. I need a friend.”
#93 “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”


“Did they hurt you?” The doctor asks, checking your body for wounds. “I could, you have no idea what I could.”
“I don’t need a hero, doctor. I need a friend.” You whisper after he left out a relieved sigh that you aren’t injured.
“I’m so…I’m your friend.” He says after an awkward silence and you feel bad.
He did so much for you..
“Can I ask you something?”
The situation is awkward enough, so why don’t take the chance?
“Sure.” He nods.
“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” Curious you look at him and his eyes widen surprised before they get sad.
“Because it’d make it real when you’re awake.”

my little gay babies comforting each other

like this is so cute everybody else is alone but even though matteusz just found out Charlie was an alien he still loves him enough to falls asleep on him