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In their friendship Sherlock is the brains and John is the heart but…

Sherlocks issues are all with his heart and emotions: struggles with expressing feelings, believes he’s a sociopath, doesn’t know how to deal with people’s feelings for him (Molly)

John’s issues are all in his mind: the psychosomatic limp, ptsd

But when they’re together Sherlock helps “fix” johns mind and John helps “fix” Sherlocks heart, bring out his emotion and helps him sympathise with others

They really are two perfect pieces to a puzzle who complete each other.

Platonic or not they are SOULMATES!!!


I made another one of these dumb things, because I feel like this show has kinda fallen off the radar and not enough people know about it’s hilarity. 

I love this show so much, it never fails to make me laugh :3