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I finally received everything! ♡

I loooove tote bags! It is sooo cool! Oh and the stickers will surely end up on my computer or something like that. I absolutely had to have Winged Mormor, is probably one of my favorite fan art by @hippano !
Winged Mormor had inspired me to write this. Although it is mostly the atmosphere that counted, it has no direct link and at the same time, yes haha.


Hey guy’s I need your help! I am wanting to go to Brazil. 

Why? I am wanting to adopt a child and I would love to get to meet a possible future son/daughter first hand instead of getting a picture. It is my dream to adopt so getting to personally meet some children is one step towards my goal.
I would also get to experience the people and culture. My pastor is going for a mission trip and I can tag along as long as I have the money.

I have taken on 2 jobs to help because 2,500 is just the basic cost. So I’m not trying to get you to pay for my trip, I’m doing my part too! 
I’ll need money for food and well, anything else I would need while I’m there, like transportation. I would also need to get a passport. My current one only lets me go to Canada and Mexico.

I have found things I do not need anymore.

1.Kesha- “I am the dance commander + I command you to dance Remix Album” ($5.00)
2. Fall Out Boy: Take This To Your Grave ($5.00)
3. Evangelion:1.11 you are (not) alone. two disk special edition ($10.00)
4. Sims 3 for PC/Mac + wireless mouse ($10.00 - $15.00)

Books:5. Divergent - first book (5.00)
6. Paper Towns by John Green (8.00)
7. Heaven is for Real (8.00)

Hand made things:
8. Custom bags. You want your otp on a bag? Of any fandom* give me a sign/symbol that represents them. Want a Doctor Who bag with the TARDIS on it? Sherlock related? SPN? Minecraft**? Some other tv/anime/show? (theres an example of my work with the purple house and and card symbols)

* Certain things like Homestuck has a copy
right and I will be taking ‘donations’ for HS related things.
** If I read it right, I can make something Minecraft related as long as I am not saying I am doing it in their name. *** I every bag there will be a paper saying that I am not affiliated with whoever/whatever person/company. And I’ll hand sign it myself.

Price: Varies. I charge by bag price ($3), how much paint the design uses ($??) and then I add $5 for time making it. I’d say expect any bag to be around $10

I already have two bags so the first two people to order get $3 off!!

I’m thinking about putting my dave cape/glasses and roxy wig up for sale. I’m just not sure yet. You can take a look at my pictures on my blog (the 'Dave’ and 'Roxy’ buttons and make an offer.
I’ll wash the wigs with wig shampoo and throw in the wig brush.

If you don’t want anything and just want to help you can use the donation button on my blog. paypal seems to be down for me atm.

Thanks guys!!! :)


Why does this exist, you ask? I don’t freaking know. I guess this just proves how deep into the hiatus we all are. Or just me. Yeah just me.


Hey! Sorry it’s a non-Benedict-Cumberbatch post but I thought I would just quickly mention a little project I have started in honour of the charitable natures of so many folks linked with Sherlock, most recently Benedict’s donations and Amanda’s Live Below the Line week :)

I see a lot of homeless people on my commute to North London most days, and I often feel very guilty when I don’t have much spare change. I chanced upon the American concept of the “Blessing Bag” online: a clear ziplock bag filled with essentials to give to a homeless person that might prove more useful than a few coppers. I decided that I would make a few myself and take one in my bag to work every day, and give them out when needed.

These bags include snacks (including a fruit pot) water, juice, soap, vitamins, tissues, plasters, toothbrush and paste, deodorant and socks. I also intend to include a print-out of local food banks and a little anon message from me. Once I have given these out I shall simply make some more.

In honour of Sherlock’s Homeless Network , I am calling them NETWORK BAGS

Benedict has always advised his fans to do something for others, rather than buy him presents for his birthday. This is my little contribution that I hope to continue with for as long as I am able. A huge thank-you to Benedict, Amanda, Martin, Louise, Mark and all of the Sherlock team for being wonderful people and for inspiring your fans to take action against poverty.

We are the Sherlock fandom and we love you :) xxx

What’s In My Bag: London Edition

Last week I shared my stash of stuff for travel and coverage in Japan. At the end of the post, I tagged another far flung journalist, the London-based producer, Rich Preston, to give us a glimpse of HIS stash. Rich works with correspondents to cover the UK and further afield as necessary, and he’s on loan to NPR from the BBC, where his background is in news and programs for BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. Here’s what’s in his rucksack:

Rich’s notes:

“If traveling reporters can never be sure what they need, then producers can be even more uncertain. As well as considering the editorial content, we’ve often coordinated logistics for entire groups, are thinking about technical quality, arranging live feeds into shows and – depending on where we’re going – safety, stringers and local contacts. Here’s what I carry in my rucksack.  From top row, left-right:

Headphones.  I use Sennheiser HD-25 headphones.  They’re lightweight, rugged, and give great sound quality.  One ear on, one ear off means I can monitor the quality of the sound I’m recording, whilst also keeping an ear for what’s going on around me.    

Mini jack cable.  A 3.5mm jack plug – 3.5mm jack plug stereo cable means I can take audio from a number of external sources in to my portable recorder.  It can be anything from a speech on the TV, to a video off YouTube, to a phone conversation with an interviewee.

Alcohol gel.  As discussed here, this serves 3 valuable purposes in the field.  Cleaning hands, cleaning electrical connections, and starting fires.*

* This is only sometimes useful in the field.  More likely to be useful in an actual field.

Mini gaffer tape.  Vital for quick fixes, or crucial labels, from ‘DO NOT DELETE’ on your memory card, to ‘Reserved for NPR News’ on the chair at a press conference.

Mic cables. Two. A cable can break relatively easily, and although our recorders have built-in mics if you get really stuck, they’re not perfect.

Case.  This is the bag that most of this stuff fits in to.

Batteries. Three packs of rechargeable. I used to use straight AAs, but was horrified at the number I was throwing away each month and how much this was costing both the budget and the environment. I switched to rechargeables and have never looked back.

Spare memory card.  For the portable recorder.  It gets used a lot more than you might imagine.

USB stick.  Someone always needs to transfer audio somehow.  Again, this gets used more often than you’d think.

Business cards.  Despite being in the age of email/Twitter/Facebook, it’s surprising how often I exchange physical pieces of cards with my details on.

USB cable.  Connects the portable recorder to my laptop for pulling audio.  It’s preferable to yanking out the SD card each time, which can damage the internal connections after a while.

Headphone splitter.  Useful when you and your colleague both want to listen to the same audio.

Headphone jack adaptors.  For adapting my cans (headphones) from 3.5mm plug as used on my phone and laptop to a 6.3mm plug as needed on the recorder.  I carry a couple of spares because they’re easily lost, and people frequently need to borrow one.

Periscope cable.  This is an XLR – 4 pole 3.5mm jack plug cable.  In short, it means I can connect a broadcast quality microphone to my phone.  This is great for filing reports or for using things like Periscope.  It gives a much higher quality than using the phone’s internal mics.

Phone charger cable.  (The blue one).  For giving my Mohpie case and my phone that top-up of juice.

Sharpie.  Never be without a Sharpie.

Stills camera.  The camera on an iPhone is great, but where I really want sharp, quality images, I take this stills camera with me.

Beyer MCE58 Microphone.  This gives a more open sound than the shotgun mic (which I’ll come to in a moment).  It’s also equipped here with a Rycote windshield to cut down the noise of wind buffeting the microphone.  This is also the mic I use for Periscope broadcasts.

Recorder.  Marantz 661.  It may be obvious, but without this we wouldn’t capture all the glorious, rich, audio that makes its way to your ears from across the globe. This can record from a single mic, two mics, in stereo, and from an external source.  It’s an easy to use, rugged bit of kit.

Rain cover.  This keeps the recorder protected when recording in rough weather.  I.e. Scotland.

Shotgun mic.  This is an Audio Technica AT835b.  It’s more directional than the Beyer Dynamic mic I mentioned previously and gives a very high quality sound response.  It’s coupled here with a Rycote windshield.”

NEXT UP. As part of this series, I’m having each participant nominate the next person to share what’s in her or his bag. Rich nominates Gregory Warner, International Correspondent in East Africa.  “A hugely interesting part of the world, and one I’ve never had the pleasure to visit…so I’m curious as to what gets him through his day,” Rich says.