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Life Hack: 

Do it. It has a list of different sounds that makes your day so much more relaxing. You can study easier, fall aslep quicker, meditate, etc. It has like rainfall or flowing creeks and such. It has sounds that make you actually feel like you’re in the car with the Winchesters, or in the Shire with Bilbo, or the Hogwart’s Library, etc.

Sounds that make you cry because you’re not a fictional character who can actually experience these things.

Do it. Seriously, I’m doing you guys a favor. It feels like a warm hug. 

P.S.: If you listen to the right noises while reading fanfiction [ie-Read SPN fanfic while listening to paper rustling and car motors running], everything will be okay. That’s a promise.

(Not sponsored by ambient-mixer btw. Just thought I’d share this magical thing. It truly is a blessing, even to non-religious/anti-religious people.)


I finally received everything! ♡

I loooove tote bags! It is sooo cool! Oh and the stickers will surely end up on my computer or something like that. I absolutely had to have Winged Mormor, is probably one of my favorite fan art by @hippano !
Winged Mormor had inspired me to write this. Although it is mostly the atmosphere that counted, it has no direct link and at the same time, yes haha.


Hey! Sorry it’s a non-Benedict-Cumberbatch post but I thought I would just quickly mention a little project I have started in honour of the charitable natures of so many folks linked with Sherlock, most recently Benedict’s donations and Amanda’s Live Below the Line week :)

I see a lot of homeless people on my commute to North London most days, and I often feel very guilty when I don’t have much spare change. I chanced upon the American concept of the “Blessing Bag” online: a clear ziplock bag filled with essentials to give to a homeless person that might prove more useful than a few coppers. I decided that I would make a few myself and take one in my bag to work every day, and give them out when needed.

These bags include snacks (including a fruit pot) water, juice, soap, vitamins, tissues, plasters, toothbrush and paste, deodorant and socks. I also intend to include a print-out of local food banks and a little anon message from me. Once I have given these out I shall simply make some more.

In honour of Sherlock’s Homeless Network , I am calling them NETWORK BAGS

Benedict has always advised his fans to do something for others, rather than buy him presents for his birthday. This is my little contribution that I hope to continue with for as long as I am able. A huge thank-you to Benedict, Amanda, Martin, Louise, Mark and all of the Sherlock team for being wonderful people and for inspiring your fans to take action against poverty.

We are the Sherlock fandom and we love you :) xxx


Why does this exist, you ask? I don’t freaking know. I guess this just proves how deep into the hiatus we all are. Or just me. Yeah just me.