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David Tennant and his collection of Mr. Men shirts

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I didn’t quite realise just how greatly I was d'Artagnan trash until now- shocking I know lol. When, with nothing else on and in honour of The Musketeers first airing 3 years ago today, I’ve put on S1. I can literally pinpoint the exact moment I was smitten and it embarrassingly happens within five minutes. You know the scene I’m talking about, in the rainy barn when the fake daddy murdering muskies threaten him and he swiftly disarms them when they are distracted with his great show-off sword flourish and hiss….I mean URGH! Followed swiftly by the moment when I suddenly realised where I’d seen Luke Pasqualino before- that scene in the tavern with Milady on the landing pre-snog and sexy times. I remember the penny suddenly dropped and I flailed completely with OMG IT’S THE BORGIAS PAOLO ALL GROWN UP and from then on I was done and total d'Artagnan trash and so not ashamed of it. It was little made easier when Constance rocked up and I was fangirling because- CANON! S1 d'Artagnan is just such an innocent, sweet, trusting, snarky, passionate, sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, so eager to please and prove himself, dorky, charming, brave, fighty, sassy, scared and wearing his heart on his sleeve, heroric, conflicted, stubborn and utterly idiototic murder puppy with absolutely no sense or care whatsoever of his own personal safety, and with such a pure and romantic heart and a strong and often misguided sense of honour and justice and is literally the epitome of the country-bumpkin comes to the big sin-ridden city and hasn’t a single clue what he is doing so is winging it by the seat of his leather breeches. Though arguably and more importantly, is just how must trust he inspires from people he only just met 5 minutes ago. I mean what is there not to love? He’s a total cutiepie.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: at this point you can show me a season four promo picture of a pen and i will be able to tell you 4729292 ways in which it's gay and is a hint to the impending johnlock canon going boom this show is so fcuking gay and i can't believe my happiness depends on two fucking nerds if they kiss i will die if they dont i will die so basically i signed for my death the day i decided to watch this show which has me so emotionally invested that i can't focus on anything else for more than a second without a million scenarios of The Kiss™ going through my head and i think my mental health reAlly needs some assistance lmao help my over-emotional ass :)