BBC article today on women turning to terrorism talks about Leila Khaled. First line of her “BBC” biography reads like this:
“Born in Haifa in modern day Israel in 1944. Her family fled to Lebanon during the 1948 Palestinian exodus, leaving her father behind.”
1948 Palestinian [exodus]? Maybe they should have written 1948 Palestinian picnic? Or1948 Palestinian trip?

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Hello love I was wondering if you could rec me some Johnlock fics. If you have a rec page I'm sorry but I only blog on mobile so if you could in it that would be great. I find myself reading the same ones over and over so if you know of any heavy both in plot and adorableness that would great. Smut if fine but no nessacary. Thank you so much❤️

Absolutely! I do have a fic rec page, but it probably isn’t viewable on tumblr mobile. Here’s some plot-heavy/adorable (well, at least I don’t remember them being actively angsty…) fics for you! 

A Moment’s Surrender by anchors

Sherlock tours worldwide with the English National Ballet. John dances the Lindy Hop competitively all across the globe. That they would meet, then, by the slimmest of chances in one lonely city, is pure coincidence. The whole ‘dancing together’ bit is a little more planned. Dancer!AU.

A Small Miscalculation by SailorChibi

Thanks to Sherlock’s inability to resist satisfying his curiosity, he’s been turned into a small child of about seven (or five, depending on who you’re asking) years old. Rather than let Sherlock be taken to a laboratory, John volunteers to look after him. After all, he’s had to look after a man-child, how hard can a child-child be?

Poor John. He has no idea.

Arguing and Corpses by AggressiveWhenStartled

“You’ve stuffed an entire body into the fridge this time,” John accused. “What happened to the milk? The leftover risotto? My bloody jam?”

Sherlock opened his eyes at that. “As a doctor, it should be readily apparent to you that there is only a partial body in our refrigerator. Popular horror stories notwithstanding, it’s rare for an entire corpse to fit into one this size. I had to cut it up into several parts to pack it in, and there is still only seven eighths of it there.”

John stared at the ceiling. “That’s… not better.”

Baseball by earlgreytea68

Sherlock Holmes is a pitcher and John Watson is a catcher. No, no, no, it’s a baseball AU.

The Colors ‘Verse by  Quesarasara

Everyone on earth is born with eyes that see in black, white, and an endless series of greys.

When you meet your soulmate, you finally see the world in color.

We’re all searching for the person who brings color to our lives.

John and Sherlock are no exception.

John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas by earlgreytea68

It’s the holiday season. John Watson needs money. Sherlock Holmes needs something else. 

Mise en Place by azriona

John Watson had no intentions of taking over the family business, but when he returns from Afghanistan, battered and bruised, and discovers that his sister Harry has run their restaurant into the ground, he doesn’t have much choice. There’s only one thing that can save the Empire from closing for good – the celebrity star of the BBC series Restaurant Reconstructed, Chef Sherlock Holmes.

Nature and Nurture by earlgreytea68

The British Government accidentally clones Sherlock Holmes. Which brings a baby to 221B Baker Street. 

Pas De Deux by  prettysailorsoldier

When Sherlock gets banished to the Year 13 corridor, he finds himself with a new locker neighbor: John Watson, the enigmatic captain of the rugby team who the teachers love and girls swoon at the sight of, but Sherlock isn’t charmed.
Not in the slightest.

The Real Meaning of Idioms by  feverishsea

After two weeks away, John finally texts Sherlock. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to respond. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to keep texting him. And he really doesn’t expect things to spiral out of control so rapidly.

State of Flux by Atiki

John’s marriage is over and he is finally back home (i.e. at Baker Street, where he belongs).
Sherlock is awfully insecure and John is awfully hesitant, and they’re both awkward idiots, of course, but they figure it out. Many First Times happen.

Sugarverse by ScopesMonkey

[my description] Sherlock’s life, from birth to death

Tennis by  Jupiter_Ash

John and Sherlock are professional tennis players and it’s Wimbledon. One is a broken almost was at the end of his career, the other an arrogant rising star tipped for greatness. It should have been a straightforward tournament. It really should have been. How were they to know that a chance encounter would change everything?

Working on the Edges by earlgreytea68

No matter where you put Sherlock and John, they click. Including the Winter Olympics.

You’re On the Air by prettysailorsoldier

The Consulting Detective and The Woman dominate the airwaves of their university radio station, doling out advice on everything from meeting the parents to sexual positions. When their ratings start to dip before the holidays, however, manager Mike thinks it’s time for some fresh blood, and who better to fill in the gaps than rugby captain–and notorious flirt–John Watson?

So for those of you who still remember my art giveaway for my birthday, drunkknightofcamelot won first prize and the request was ‘Arthur and Gwaine cuddling’. So, have Arthur and Gwaine cuddling in Arthur’s bed after a long day of training in the courtyard.

This took… so much longer than I realised. And I am really looking forward to your reaction. 

Also, a special thank you to everyone who listened to my rants and let me send them screenshots so they could point out what looked off, especially after I couldn’t see anything anymore because I refused to take breaks when I should have. You guys put up with a lot - and I really appreciate it. 

Full view is your best friend. Seriously. Full view it. I did not spend that much time on it and I did not almost throw my computer out of the window for you guys to only look at the thumbnail. 

And Baby Makes Three - Rated T

@potterlockianegalitarian prompted me: Sherlock and Molly’s first few weeks as parents.

Experiments, emotional incompetence, fun times for the Holmes family with their brand new baby.

Prefer to read on AO3 or FF?

“Pizza?” Sherlock lifted his head off the table and gave Mary a wonky attempt at a glare, “A baby cannot eat pizza Mary,” he admonished her, shaking his head in disappointment at Mary’s unforgivable stupidity before slumping back on to the table.

Mary laughed softly and shook her head, immediately trying again, “Sherlock!”

Sherlock didn’t bother to lift his head this time, just flapped his hand vaguely in Mary’s direction dismissively, mumbling about Molly.

As Mary headed out of the kitchen intent on finding Molly she heard him mumbling about all the ladies and their ’M’ names, he began listing them, starting first with Martha, then Mary herself, followed by Molly, culminating in his coup de grâce, Mycroft. Sherlock dissolved into giggles, actual giggles.

She called to John who was in the lounge room attempting to hoover, “John, talk to him will you? He’s worse than I feared he would be.”

John looked up from the hoover, his attempts to attach the dusting brush not going well, “Mary?” He gestured to the pieces then held his hands out hoping she would take pity.

She raised an eyebrow and asked, “Having trouble, sweetheart?” In a dangerously saccharine voice.

John’s eyes narrowed taking her in, he gulped, “No, no love, course not,” he shook his head to indicate how laughable that thought was, “I know my way around a Hoover, I mean, of course, it is the same as ours, so..” After patting the vacuum cleaner barrel, he nodded, watching Mary with wide eyes.

Mary grinned, to John’s immense relief, apparently his discomfort was enough.

Mary found Molly lying in bed, giving Jane a bottle, they looked beautiful together, Mary stopped in the doorway transfixed.

“Do you want another Mary? I’m sure John would happily oblige..” Molly was radiant, exhausted? Definitely, judging by the storm clouds smudged under her eyes, but luminous none-the-less.

Mary laughed, “Hmmm, maybe not. I’ve just tried to talk to Sherlock, he looks a little worse for wear! You look to be in far better shape. Doesn’t he cope rather well on no sleep? So why is he?” She tilted her head, eyes darting, trying to pinpoint a word to accurately describe Sherlock’s current state.

Molly patted the bed next to her, “Have a seat Mary, let me tell you exactly what that git has been doing for the last couple of weeks since Jane and I came home from the hospital.”

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What I love about Benedict Cumberbatch

So I realized I love…

him dancing

his cheekbones

his mouth

his smile

his eyes

him in War Horse/with Tom Hiddleston

his flawless performance of Sherlock Holmes

his hotness


[Jensen version] [Misha version] [Jared version] [Mark Sheppard version] [Hiddles version] [Michael Fassbender version] [Andrew Scott version]