psa tyler said “josh, that’s it. we’ve gotta be done” because they ran out of time. the lights not working was an error, not deliberate, and it wasn’t the bbc who cut their set. it took tyler way too long to get to the tower because the crowd weren’t helping him, to the point where josh had to do some filler drumming until he got there, and by the time he did they’d reached the end of their set time and although tyler wanted to keep going and finish it there was another artist due to play after them and they couldn’t overrun. tyler didn’t end it because he was upset and the bbc didn’t end it because he crowdsurfed, they just ran out of time

‘Guess what, mom was right about angels after all… they do exist. Too bad that all of them are giant dicks who don’t give a shit about anything.’

Castiel’s mouth went dry, his stomach sinking. He shouldn’t have gone through Dean’s old journals, he knew he shouldn’t have. But now that they were together and even shared a bedroom, Castiel had figured that whatever Dean didn’t want him to see was long gone. The page in question had been written years ago, that much Castiel could tell. Regardless, this was hurting.

Castiel was losing track of how long he’d been staring at that dreadful page, when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He hadn’t even noticed it when Dean had entered their room, and he all but flinched when Dean touched him.

“Everything alright there, Cas?”

Castiel forced himself to look away from the journal, guilt taking over as he glanced up at Dean, concerned green eyes gazing right back at him as Dean squeezed his shoulder.

“I apologize, Dean,” Castiel muttered as he held up the journal in surrender. “I honestly didn’t mean to read it.”

Dean took the journal without saying a word, his eyes scanning the page, the expression on his face gradually going from confused, to anxious, to positively horrified.

“Cas, no… That’s not-”

Holding up a hand, Castiel interrupted him, knowing all too well that Dean wasn’t to blame here. “I know, I shouldn’t have read it. I got curious because I like to see what’s going on inside your head, it isn’t your fault that I found something that I rather wouldn’t have seen.”

They exchanged a lengthy stare, and Castiel didn’t dare to do as much as move. For a long moment Dean hesitated, before sighing and kneeling down beside the bedside table, pulling another journal out of one of the drawers. This one was smaller, black, and it looked fairly new. Dean flipped through the pages for a bit, then sat down beside Castiel on the bed, resting his head on Castiel’s shoulder as he pointed at the top of the left page.

“The stuff you just read… That was years ago,” Dean mumbled as he wrapped his arms around Castiel’s waist, willingly offering Castiel the unconditional forgiveness that he hadn’t been sure he deserved after spying on Dean’s feelings. “This one here is my latest journal.”

Dean tapped his finger against the page once more, clearly determined to share his more recent thoughts. All Castiel could do while reading was smile and take Dean into his arms, never wanting to let go.

'So I might have been wrong about angels… I fell in love with one.’
BBC America's Star Trek Marathon Is the Perfect Introduction for New Fans
To commemorate the show's 50th anniversary, BBC America will air an HD marathon of the first and second seasons.

Hey you! What are you doing September 8? Do you have something big planned? Well that’s too bad, because you have new plans as of this moment.

To commemorate the 50th (yes, 50th!) anniversary of Star Trek, BBC America will air an uncut, digitally remastered HD marathon of the beloved sci-fi series’ first and second seasons starting Thursday, Sept. 8 at 8:30/7:30c and running through Sunday, Sept. 11.



Butch Hartman draws Danny, Sam, and Tuck as 10 years older!!!