the ballet recital
  • rosie: dad and dad, i'm scared. what if i mess up?
  • sherlock: aw rosie, you'll do great, just remember to stay at the same pace as the other kids.
  • rosie in a little ballet costume: *nods nervously* o-ok
  • john: just smile and have fun, ok?
  • rosie: ok...
  • -after the performance-
  • rosie running to john and sherlock: DADS I DID IT I DIDNT MESS UP
  • john: you did great!!! *hands her flowers*
  • sherlock: fantastic job darling! your pirouette was perfect!
  • rosie: *jumping up and down* NOW ICE CREAM. WE MUST GET ICE CREAM

I read this and something just fucking hit me… what if the reason why Drew changed the way things worked in the Aphrodite cabin and what the kids thought Aphrodite’s ‘way’ was, was because she saw where pure true love got Silena, her big sister, and she refuses to let love ruin any of her other siblings. She is the oldest now, she feels responsibility, and she would rather hurt the feelings of all the other campers, than loose one of her own again… 

Counting Kisses by carolion

[327w | General]

Derek has not kissed anyone in a very long time. But this is the first time he really wants to again.

Note: Since starting this blog, I’ve discovered a deeper appreciation for short little fics that manage to pack a punch, and this is one to add to that list. I went back to read it twice more after the first time, and each one was filled with marvel. I like this one a lot ♥


characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion, Apostasia
pairing: ^ yes, all three (rating: kisses on the cheek)
words: 851
summary: (highschool!au: Erblu befriends the school’s inseparable ice duo, Arme and Apos. between the two of them, you’d think they’d have at least an ounce of romantic sense.) Erblu teaches Arme and Apos what a “kiss” is. results vary.

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