OTP ten
  • Person A: Are you from Tennessee? Because your the only TEN-I-SEE. *wink's, finger guns, the whole sha-bang.*
  • Person B: *actually clueless* Oh, well, they are from Tennessee too. *points to group*
  • Person A: ...(second attempt) Did it hurt?
  • Person B: Did what hurt??
  • Person A: when you fell from heaven? *smolder look*
  • Person B: ... Did you just call me Satan..?
  • Person C: *coughing fit of laughter, behind A*
The problem with the press asking us to sympathize with poor rural Trump voters who will suffer the most under his policies:  They will *still* stand by him even though he's actively fucking up their lives.

The term “useful idiot” springs to mind. 

OTP Chair
  • Person A: *sits with out looking behind them*
  • Person B: ...ummm?
  • Person A: yes..?
  • Person B: Do you mind? *gestures to their lap currently occupied by A*
  • Person A: You know.. I do mind, I realized my mistake, but then I was comfortable so I'll stay, thank you. *leans back into B*
  • Person B: ...