The Naked Truth

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Summary: “Are you naked? In the kitchen?”

Personal Comment: This is sort of a crack fic but it’s cute and still in character and Sherlock is so desperate trying to get John’s attention oh sherlock my sweet little baby kitten

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1115


Learn British English Free: Common Acronyms

Definition of an acronym: “an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word”

(The)UK – (The) United Kingdom

BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation

ITV – Independent Television

NHS – National Health Service

DWP – Department for Work and Pensions

HMRC – Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs

DBS check – Disclosure and Barring Service

GCSE - General Certificate of Secondary Education

NI – National Insurance (number)

GMT – Greenwich Mean Time

BST – British Summer Time (GMT + 1)


A/N: So I didn’t know if you wanted it romantic or platonic so I just went with platonic cause I’ve never written a strictly friendship imagine, though I must admit this is more of a blurb. I have a tyler lockwood imagine ready to come out tomorrow so get hyped.

Request:  (You were so sweet! Thank you sooooo much for the kind message! Xx Bea) Anon: Could you write a Sherlock one shot? Possible where someone he knew from school happened to run into him maybe? Please😊 From what I have read so far I do love your writing☺, and thank you for taking time to read this probably

“John for godsakes you can’t lock me out of my own goddamn flat!” Sherlock yelled up from the street, he could see John and Mary in the window for a second but the blinds were pulled down. One little comment about how Mary’s weight had distinctly fluctuated and out on the street he was put, like a punished dog. He walked a ways down the street, turning a corner and sat down against the building. He watched as the people passed playing a game in his head.

Lawyer, divorced, lives alone.

Housekeeper, mid 40s, three kids.

Maths major, early 30’s- oh, Sarah. Sarah from uni. The girl he studied with, no it couldn’t be. Could it?

Part of him wanted to go up to her, talk to her, something. But the other half wanted none of that, she’d probably heard of him with all the press and such, most likely already formulated her opinion of him.

She hadn’t seen him, she was innocently walking down the street.

As if transfixed, he rose to his feet and followed her.

She stopped at a fruit stand, again he thought of going to her.

She continued into a butchers shop. Sherlock waited outside, leaning against the widow as casually as possible in a situation such as this.

He looked into the shop but couldn’t find her, his brows creased together as he stepped into the store. “Where did the girl go? She was just in here.” The Butcher pointed to the back exit.

Sherlock pushed the door open quickly and stepped into the alley but there was no sign of Sarah.


He wheeled around and there she was with a wooden board clasped in her hands over her shoulder.

“You were going to hit me?” He asked the question with the obvious answer.

She looked at the board in her hands and bloomed a crimson red. “Well you were following me! I didn’t know who it was and- and I panicked!”

She dropped the board with a thud. “I didn’t mean to alarm you, I apologize Sarah.”

Now there was only silence, uncomfortable, awkward silence.

“Well I should be going.” Sherlock was second guessing every move he’d made till this point.

“Wait. Do you want to- I mean, do you want to grab a cup of tea with me?”

That seemed to be exactly what he wanted. He smiled and nodded, “I’d like this very much.”