Bold, Brown & Beautiful was my very first event. Based off watching Dark Girls and feeling like I no longer wanted to focus on things that continue to divide us as black women. This was in Philly and now also happens annually in Washington, DC. This event was important in a lot of ways, it was packed, the convo was on a bean and it showed me I could do anything I decided to. And it showed me a part of my purpose will always be fighting for all brown women to know their worth. Be sure to follow @bbb_series :) #tbt #bbbseries #bebold #selfdefined


Bikes, Boards, & Beach Series: Grind Haven skateboarding


No one is alone in their quest to be enough, to dress better, to feel worthy. This is what BBB Series is all about. Showing the common thread among all women! The only way to heal is to feel it, let it go and move on! Love The Real for doing this! 


Looking forward to being able to check out this whole thing. Brown girls all across the world. Our stories are different, but there will always be a common thread. Girls Rising.