a year ago my bridal party surprised me with a bachelorette party/day- a trip to six flags, followed by a lot of drinking and a makeshift irish car bomb cos the bar we were at wouldn’t serve those types of drinks, so they ordered me all the ingredients separately and they had to coax me into doing it since i had never done one before and by this point i was so gone. it was so much fun!


Happiest 28th Birthday to my now sister-in-law, Britt! I’ve known her for so long now, from just meeting her as Chris’ “friend,” to graduating college with her, to meeting Circa Survive, then being bridesmaids in each others weddings! Among all the other moments in between. Love this girl. (Bottom 4 photos: my batchelorette, her batchelorette; my wedding, her wedding!)

aww, i took the pups out for a walk & came back to find an early birthday package on the doorstep from britt & chris! earrings from redwoods in muir woods- native american made! the most perfect color skirt from a thrift store on haight street, plus they wrapped it in magazines- a bob dylan article! there’s nothing i love more than recycled wrapping!!

i teared up.