Hello Loves…… a new challange.

I have had a 2nd request by  @aquarionwarrior who is looking to make a Soda candle. While doing the research i found that the above video was very helpful when it comes to accurate color, and molding.  so follow the video above, that is what i will be doing. 

@aquarionwarrior  also asked me to make it smell like cola, in order to execute that we need a soda/cola scented/fragrance oil to add to the melted wax and crayon. 

In doing the research, i have found a scented oil that smells like Coca cola. follow the link below if you want to order it. it is only $6,

I order, mine today, and once i get the oil ill do a blog about it. 

Hope that this is helpful, until next time my love…………