reasons skye wheatley was the best bbau housemate:

1: She couldn’t really nominate (that well)

2: The things she said were BIBLE

3: She had THE CUTEST friendship with Aisha

4: She was entertaining to watch (ALL THE TIME)

5: Overall she was a cutie :)

Tonights episode - Big Brother

People apparently keep Tully in the house for the ‘entertainment’.. But I think Australia has forgotten that she has a girlfriend (probably not anymore) and was a 'lesbian’. What if her 'love’ for Drew, is just confusion and a spur of the moment. What happened to morals? As much as I love Drew, he needs to open his eyes.

Tully may be 'entertaining’ to some people. But really, she is a lying, sooky, cheating bitch. Caleb didnt deserve to go.