I will overthrow everything
This crazy world
I will change it
All you who close your eyes over money and threats, get out
On the news, everyone’s a public enemy
Psychopaths are crazily flying all over the place
This is a war against crime
I will repay you the exact same way
Tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye, remember those words
There’s no forgiveness in us (x).

Bang Yongguk as your boyfriend

- ready to duel anyone who looks at you for too long

- supports whatever you do

- probably likes romantic cliché movies

- will send you lots of shirtless snaps

- then acts like nothing’s happened 

- random hugs and kisses during the day

- lots of cringeworthy but cute aegyo 

- he’d become very cuddly when you both lie in bed

- sometimes you would catch him looking at you, but he’d turn his head as soon as you noticed

- then he’d smile his adorable gummy smile

- b.a.p would soon be your second family

- prepare for a winnie puuh marathon

- definitely buy matching rings

- he would anxiously sit in he corner while you listen to his new songs

- he’d take you to spontaneous beach dates

- sometimes you’ll come home and find your favorite book, movie, flower, candy on the bed 

Admin Tatsmato 

This is my first “ … as your boyfriend “ post. I know its not great, but it will get better, promise!