bball shoes

Some Akashi Family Headcanons
  • Akashi keeping his parents’ picture in his wallet
  • They sit apart at the dinner table but Masaomi always makes sure that the maids prepare two servings of tofu soup because he knows Akashi loves them
  • Akashi greets his mother’s picture everyday in the morning and at night
  • Akashi replacing Shiori’s flowers everyday beside her picture
  • Akashi seeing Shiori’s silhouette out of the corner of his eyes every time he plays basketball or any competition
  • Akashi and Masaomi playing shogi
  • Masaomi making sure Akashi has everything he will need to succeed in life
  • Masaomi gifting Akashi a new instrument / attire for his birthday that will fit him better (Bigger violin, new bball shoes, etc) 
  • Masaomi patting Akashi’s sleeping head at night when he misses Shiori
  • Masaomi having Shiori and Akashi as his phone and laptop wallpaper
  • Masaomi secretly watching Akashi play basketball and win competitions
  • Masaomi being proud of his one and only son
  • Shiori watching over them both with a smile
  • Do you ever just wanna rip your own heart apart because of one family–