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It’s here, the last day of this LEGEND’s career - the man who actually inspired “Art Apparent” believe it or not as a play-on for one of his nicknames “Air Apparent” (referring to being the heir to Michael ‘Air’ Jordan), not that it has the same level of significance, I was just a kid who liked basketball and thought it sounded cool lol, but yea that is the ‘backstory’ if you will.

It’s always a weird feeling for me in sports though when one of my favorite players finally walks away, knowing that I won’t see anymore inspiring moments from them, watching their highlights from the night before the next morning, especially with someone as great as Kobe has been, the man who scored 81 freaking points in a game!! and 62 in 3 quarters outscoring the entire opposition on his own!!.

Pretty crazy what this man accomplished due to his extreme relentlessness and almost sickening approach towards excellence. So much so, that although he only won it once, the MVP chant became synonymous with his name during his peak years in every arena around the league.