head in the game (plance bball au snippet)

“Why are you here so early?”

“Parents had work. Dad dropped me off on the way to his lab.” Shortly after her pronouncement, Pidge thumps forward into her arms again.

“You know what would solve this whole problem?” asks Lance, nudging her.

“Don’t say it—”

“Getting your license.”

Pidge doesn’t deign to provide a verbal response, instead opting to raise her middle finger.

“There’s a reason cars have captured the American imagination,” Lance persists, philosophizing. “Automobiles are a symbol of autonomy.  They offer personal mobility, freedom…”

“Currently, the only thing enticing me to get behind a wheel is the prospect of maybe one day running you over.”

“And get tried as a minor.  Clever.”

“Lance.” Keith has finally shown up, gym bag slung over his shoulder and basketball shoes in hand.  “Stop bothering Pidge and get in the gym, it’s time for practice.”

plance has got me in a Big Mood lately i can’t wait to make these two lil shits fall in love

bunnicake  asked:

I was curious about Bokuto's kneepads. Turns out they're for basketball. Can you imagine bokuto used to play basketball? Or he went to the store w/o supervision, thought they were cool and bought them. Everyone on his team is kind of like wtf?


now i’m thinking abt bball training camp au with gym 3 and all that comes to mind is this gif