I really wanna say thank you for being all so perfect and making my dash even more perfect. You guys are amazing, and I wish you all a merry christmas.

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I know there’s not A LOT of blogs, but these ones are worth it. If you don’t follow these, your dash is boring and I’m worried about your life. 

Here’s another one. Tonight I went to a place where we can snowboard. Once inside, I told her: “Make a wish”. She told me: “Why?”. I stood up, walk in front of her, and I lightly passed my thumb over her cheek. One eyelash was there, and her wish was done. I kissed her and told her: “I hope you’ll use your wish for good”. She told me that no matter if her wish will come true or not, her one and only wish was to have me by her side. You know what’s funny? I’m ALWAYS gonna be there for her. Anytime, anywhere. She’s my favorite girl, my one less lonely girl. I think I’m watching too many romantic movies. I’ll do the most romantic things for her to prove her she’s wonderful to me. But I don’t need these things. She don’t need all of these things. This is just a bonus. You know what matters the most? I’m calling her every night before she sleeps to wish her “Sweet dreams, beauty”. I’m texting her, “I love you and I miss you”. I’m always telling her that I need her and I love her. THIS is what matters the most. I’m telling her every day that she’s beautiful. Damn I love her.

Last night my angel was sleepin’. I think she has never been beautiful like that.

She wasn’t feeling good. She was sad, so I told her: “Come here”. I made her comfortable in her bed. She was watching me and that’s when I said: “You don’t have to worry, I’m here and I’m here to stay. I will always be there for you”. I sang to her “I’ll be” by Edwin McCain. I told her to close her eyes. I took her hair away from her face, so now I could see her wonderful eyes closed, and her lips of an angel. I took her hand, and then put it in mine. I gently slid my hand into her hair, lifted her chin, and I kissed her lightly. I kissed her forehead and then I said: “Sweet dreams babe”. I hugged her. I don’t like to see her sad. She’s my babe, my love, my heart and my soul. She’s never gonna be alone. I’ll be there for her anytime, anywhere. She was sleeping, and I was watching her, watching my angel sleeping. She was incredibly beautiful. This was a perfect moment for me. I’ll always remember it. She was my sleeping beauty.

I wish you guys, to find that special someone who can make your life complete. I wish you to find someone who will do things like I do to my angel. I’ve never found somebody like her, and I’ll never let her go. I want her to be the happiest person on this earth. I want you to find this love that you’ll never regret. Peace out xx