Baked Goods and Big Bellies // Zalex
  • Zayn:to say that Zayn was excited for this baby was an understatement. Zayn loved kids and couldn't wait for the day when he had some of his own, but for now his friends kids would have to do it for him. When he landed in London he went straight to his house and for the first time in a while, laid down in his bed. It was nice to be home, truly home in every way. He almost didn't want to move, but seeing Alex and his new niece was very important to him. After a few minutes of lazying around he found his car keys and texted Alex that he was on his way. Once Zayn arrived he got out of the car and walked up to where Alex was waiting for him. "Oh my gosh! You're so big." He was grinning as he walked up to her. "Can I touch her?"