rule #1 in any fandom:

Never- and I mean NEVER EVER harass anyone or their partner with a ship of them and someone else.

It’s completely rude and disrespectful to both parties because it shows that you simply don’t care about either of their personal lives. YOU are NOT entitled to depict their lives. You should NEVER in ANY situation do such a thing to your faves or their partner. If you don’t like your fave and their partner being together, keep your mouth shut. If you have nothing good to say, dont say anything.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ship people together, but DON’T comment on their socials saying that ‘this ship is better’ or ‘NO THIS SHIP MUST SAIL’ because they’re clearly uncomfortable when you do.

As fans, we don’t only support our faves, but respect them and their personal lives. It doesn’t necessarily mean shipping, but with other things as well (like asking when delirious is going to do a face reveal).

You DO NOT control their lives. They don’t owe you anything.