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I was always really fascinated by vips, like they are so calm and chill and you don't even notice they are even there until Big Bang comes back and the apocalypse just becomes real and I'm just like 'where tf did they all come from'... like 👏

LMAO I know right? Being a VIP is fun in that way it’s mostly chill until a comeback. Then it’s a storm. 

I think that’s why a lot of new fandoms don’t think that BB is “all that” cause our fandom is quiet mostly but this comeback is going to show our strength again. 

Smaug in @meleerage​‘s Labyrinth AU ‘Nori’s Labyrinth’ is so cool and creepy and suave, I love the designs for him (@asparklethatisblue‘s fic art of him is just lovely).

“If you get to the castle, you get your brothers back.  If not…well…I’ll rip open your chest and eat your heart. Just your heart. I’m hungry and the wait will be so satisfying.”