meet my cats


  • afraid of his own farts
  • screams all the time
  • demands to be spooned before bed
  • had a hairball once and cried like a baby for 10 minutes
  • smacks his lips and drools when u rub his belly
  • smushes his wet nose on every window like an asshole
  • tries to eat the laser pointer dot and looks at you with sad confusion when he fails
  • sits like a mermaid
  • doesn’t like garbage bags
  • is screaming right now


  • hates everyone but me…..and she still sorta hates me
  • #1 bug killer
  • wails on her brother day and night
  • always steps right on the titty
  • presses her face into my armpit while cuddling. she loves it
  • if brak is getting attention she flops on top of him so i have to pet her instead
  • still hasn’t let my roommate pet her…it’s been 3 months
  • is That Cat that will turn on you in an instant
  • when she was a kitten she would scream at her toys before attacking them
  • grumpy when it’s too cloudy to sunbathe
  • thicc



Jackson as maknae have really hard time in fighting manXDD