Someone make me stop coming up with ridiculous AU ideas

College Radio Station AU
-Finn and Poe are the funny early morning duo who play a mix of pop, obscure indie bands(usually requested by Rey) , and classic rock. BB-8 is their unofficial radio mascot, a cat that they snuck into the station but the college just lets him live there.

-Rey has the lunch shift, she plays a lot of alternative music, indie bands, and takes callers to discuss politics, mechanics, or just life advice. Finn and Poe tune in every week not just because they love her but she was who got them together when they tried to anonymously call in for advice about each other. Has a massive crush on Phasma the radio station manager.

-Ben Solo errrrm Kylo Ren plays the late night shift. Mainly hardcore emo bands, obscure techno trash, and heavy metal. He doesn’t talk much during his shift unless someone calls in with an opinion he doesn’t like or to complain, that someone is always some guy named Hux. (He’d rather chew glass than admit it but sometimes Hux is very intelligent…and funny and has a nice voice)

-Hux only listens tithe college radio night shift because he’s up late okay?? It has nothing to do with how much he loves the presenter’s, Kylo what a dumbass name, voice. He calls in to complain about having to hear Evanescence twice in a row (and maybe to talk to Kylo because he can actually match Hux in witty banter but whatever)

-Phasma is scheming to not only date that cute indie queen Rey but to get her best friend and worst radio DJ together already


I made a thing! It’s a Star Wars, BB-8 themed Valentine’s Day card! ^_^ Templates to print your own at home are linked below! :D

Had the idea a while back to make some Star Wars themed Valentine’s Day cards and needed a project to get back in to my artwork so here we are :P I made everything from scratch in, it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve actually made any new artwork so I’m a bit rusty and it didn’t really turn out quite like I was hoping ^_^; I’m still getting the hang of using so please forgive my amateur art :S

I’ve uploaded the card templates so you can print them at home and fold them in to actual physical cards! :D You can get them here:

I gave it a test print at home and it seemed to work well enough, you can see the results pictured above. My printer is pretty crappy though and I was using standard paper so it came out a little dark on the inside section :( But hopefully if you have a decent printer and paper it will turn out better :)

Tip: I turned off the “Fit to Page” option when printing and it seemed to work well. Fold along the horizontal edge first (when holding the paper in portrait alignment), then the vertical edge to turn it in to the card. You’ll likely need to trim off the edges of the paper with scissors unless you have a printer that prints edge to edge.

@queerlyalex is mentioning crack theories for who the beast is so imma just throw my hat into the ring here:

Coach Finstock is the beast.

Let’s review the facts:

  • Mysteriously absent for like… 4 years now. 
  • Definitely has the internal rage that would lead to killing people. Like hundo p has that. 
  • Probably used to being drunk and then waking up in unknown places. Would not question were it to start happening again. 
  • We know nothing about his medical history. Or any portions of his history really.
  •  Have never seen Finstock and the Beast at the same time.

Conclusion: Coach Finstock is the beast.