Minhyuk consoling a teary-eyed Wonho after Wonho says what he’s always wanted to say to his members…

[To Minhyuk]

I’m just thankful to Minhyuk. These days, I’m afraid to speak as I tend to make mistakes and I don’t have self-confidence. I feel really uneasy when we’re at some program and Minhyuk isn’t with me. I always ask him to sit beside me. I always smile to show that I’m fine but sometimes it’s hard. I don’t know if Minhyuk knows this, but he really takes care of me. I feel at ease when he helps me. He’s always the first to talk and ask me if something is wrong. I’m really thankful, but I never did anything to him. I feel sorry.
The Owl and the Snow (Part 1)

      It was cold. That was his first thought as he drifted on the verge of sleep and wake. His feet were sweating through his thick fluffy socks but cold nipped at his nose and ears. He silently cursed the cold Canadian weather and slid out from under his thick blankets. He wished he hadn’t kept the windows open, there was frost hedging the glass and small clumps of snow were stuck to the screen. He tapped the top of the screen and watched the small flakes tumble to the windowsill. There was a thick blanket of snow in the yard, untouched other than a few small prints from birds. A small smile graced his features as he watched the still slumbering neighborhood. A few strands of hair fell into his vision, knocking him out of his trance. Glancing at the clock, he squinted, trying to get his eyes to focus on the number displayed in a glaring red. He sighed in relief as he finally read the digital clock: 9 am. He still had plenty of time to record and edit a video for his fans. A realization struck him rather suddenly, he needed someone to record with.

     After about a half an hour of failed attempts to record with friends he was left with few options. One option struck his fancy, his best friend Delirious. Evan hovered the mouse over the call button. He briefly wondered if his mysterious friend would be awake this early seeing as during one recording session he joined at 9 pm. It was 9 am in North Carolina as well and if he was awake, which was unlikely, he would probably be busy. Evan ran a hand through his messy faux hawk and leaned back in his chair. Sliding his phone out of his pocket, he searched for a certain contact. He briefly hesitated before typing.

     Hey Luke! You up? I think it’s 9 am there as well… sorry if Im waking you up. Do you know if Jonathan is up? I’m not sure if he would be up this early. I know you’d probably be up and you live near him… tell me if hes up, yeah? He read the text out loud to himself before sending it.

     “And now we play the waiting game.” Evan muttered to himself. Just as he finished his sentence Luke texted him back.

Luke: Hey dude! Yeah, Im up. Jonathan isnt tho, he had a rough night ;) He should be up in a bit tho, yall plannin on recording?

Evan: Yeah, whats with the winky face? Is he okay?

Luke: Hes fine. Went to the bar last night and got drunk off his ass

Evan: Ah, tell him to skype me when he wakes up, i have some ideas for a vid

Luke: Sure, ya comin to the con theyre holdin here? ;)

Evan: Dunno yet, stop using that fuckin winky face

Luke: Nah, hope ya come dude. I know the gang will be happy to see ya

     Evan smiled softly at the glimmer of hope that it may be Ryan, Smitty, or Jonathan… it was a small hope but one he grasped onto nonetheless. The three of them seemed to be getting more comfortable with the idea of showing their faces. In fact, Craig knew what Smitty looked like, Luke knew what Jonathan looked like, and Ryan was posting pictures and videos of his hands and his dog Buddy. Jonathan seemed the least likely of the three but he was still making progress. He jumped slightly at the far too loud Skype notification. Silently cursing himself for being startled so easily, he answered the call while sliding his headset on.

     “Hi, Evan…” murmured a groggy Jonathan from the other line. Evan could’ve sworn his heart skipped a beat at hearing Jonathan’s sleep heavy, rumbling voice mumble his real name. ‘Uh… you there?” Jonathan mumbled and scratching sounds emitted from the headset as he tapped his mic. Evan let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

     “Yeah! I’m here. Sorry, I got distracted.” Evan lied and closed his eyes, imagining what his friend looked like and how their meeting would go for what must have been the thousandth time.

     “Oh, cool. Sorry for being late. I forgot we were going to record and I got a little too drunk last night. I had some… things I had to take care of first.” Jonathan slurred sleepily and Evan could hear him ushering something out of the room, his voice growing quieter for a moment and a door clicking shut.

     “It’s fine! I figured you were up to something so I didn’t bother calling you. Plus, it meant I got to be mesmerized by early morning light glistening off of fresh clean snow… jesus, that got unnecessarily poetic, sorry. You would love it though, you should come visit me in Toronto sometime! When you want to of course! When you feel comfortable showing your face! No rush!” Evan had begun to panic and hoped he wasn’t pushing his friend. Jonathan let out a rumbling laugh and Evan was calmed almost instantly. He was using his good mic and the asian silently thanked god, any god, for blessing him.

     “Maybe someday. I don’t know if I could leave my baby here. Sure, Luke could take care of her but she’ll miss me…” Jonathan trailed off into thought, almost speaking too quietly for the shocked man to hear.

     “Your baby?” Evan asked in a startled and confused tone of voice, “what baby? An actual human baby? A child?” He was starting to get worried there was something Jonathan wasn’t telling him. He knew the man liked his privacy but damn! Jonathan started laughing fully, wheezing slightly, and Evan couldn’t help but laugh at the man’s maniacal giggling.

     “No, of course not!” Jonathan started when he could breath again, “she’s a pitbull! Her name’s Isla and she’s a huge sweetheart. I got her from the pound. They had just gotten her from a dog fighting place, luckily they got her young enough that she hadn’t been trained into aggression yet! She had a broken leg but it healed pretty well. She only limps slightly. She’s gorgeous! She has a short and stocky little body that makes me waddle. She has striking blue eyes that are lighter blue than Wildcat’s! It stands out against her dark gray pelt. She’s super muscular and has cute floppy ears and a long tail. They didn’t dock her for some reason… Did you know the reason dogs have docked ears and tails is so they don’t get stepped on and crushed by cattle! I’m glad I got to the pound when I did because she was about to be put down! She looked so happy when I pet her. She’s so precious and cute! She is so damn cute!” Jonathan took in a deep breath and panted a bit after rambling for so long. Evan laughed and decided to cut him off before he passed out.

     “Alright, I get it. You have a deep and burning passion for pitbulls and Isla,” Evan laughed again and turned his webcam on, smiling brightly, “Where did you get that name?” He combed his fingers through his messy black faux hawk and suddenly wished he had a dog. It seemed like all his friends had dogs. Lui and David with Joe. Tyler has Kino, Archie, and Chief. Ryan has the adored Buddy. His kinda friend Chilled had Rex. It seemed about time to get a dog. Evan laughed softly and looked up at his webcam. Jonathan was being oddly quiet. “Do you think I should get a dog?” he asked softly, trying to get the conversation going again.

     “Hm? Oh! Yeah, yeah.” Jonathan mumbled in reply, seeming to be very distracted. Evan huffed. This was going nowhere. Might as well record and change the subject.

     “Alright! We should start recording. I think it’s time to break out Batcoon and Night Owl!” Evan shouted as Canadian-ly as he muster, trying to gain his friend’s attention again. “Brock said he might join us but Lui is busy with David being mopey about Joe being sick and having a hard time getting inspired for a song. He’s trying to get David to stop being a mopey dick and pay for the medical bills for Joe. It’d be better if only Brock joins us and joins late. What with the running gag of EarlyBird being late all the time.” Evan finished, smiling.

     “Sure! Sounds fun! What are we going to do? Glitch into the comedy club? Fail a heist? Get drunk in your apartment? Glitch the absolute fuck out of the game? Make a car horn song? Blow up the military base? Fail to steal a jet?” Jonathan rattled off a list of a few things they’ve done in the past, causing Evan to burst into laughter.

     “Relax! I’ll tell you when we get into the game.” Evan told his giddy friend and turned off his webcam. He could have sworn that Jonathan sighed sadly but he shrugged it off as his imagination.


That’s all for now folks! I wrote this for school… in my English journal and typed it out because… it’s kinda well written? I edited it a bit of course… not much though. Hope yall like it! I need some inspo for what they should do in GTA V so give me some SCHOOL APPROPRIATE ideas??? Don’t be offended if I reject your idea. It’s either because a) it made me uncomfortable b) I wouldn’t know how to write that c) my teacher would hate me or it’d get me in trouble