Guys, I was getting ready to watch the episode of Big Brother that aired on 8/25 and this was the screenshot for the show. Like. This is a work of modern art right here. This needs to be hung in a museum for generations to see after us and it should be called “The Murdering of Paulie Cauliflower” let’s break this wonderful moment in time down shall we:

we got

Queen Bridgette

attacking from the angle of speaking the truth and fearlessly diving face first into the murder by tearing a new hole into cauliflower’s rear end. bless this angel she is the voice of justice women around the world never knew they needed.

then we got

Queen Zakiyah

attacking from the angle of being so pissed off and disgusted she can’t even look the putrid asshole in the face or say anything that could even express how unfathomably upset she is and if she did she would probably cause the entire world to explode. like guys…the shade is real.

and then finally we have

Queen Da’vonne 

attacking from the angle of seeing this moment coming long before it finally came and being just as livid and disgusted but she doesn’t even have to say a word because just knowing how beneath her this dumbass is and how badly he fucked up and how he will have to pay the rest of his small miserable life for everything he has done/said is justice enough for her.

BB18 Final 7 Analysis lmao

Nicole is boring and just a shitty, self-centered person.

Corey is a disgusting, ugly, trump-supporting fuckin sardine.

James is just trash with a charming overtone.

Natalie is easily manipulated but so pure and deserving.

Michelle is a petty, lovable kitty.

Paul is kinda problematic but SO smart and happy-go-lucky.

Victor is the fucking hulk with an intelligence.