Neeley talking about the importance of black history month


WILDKITTEN ep 1 - Nights to Remember [scene 2]

Craig: Hey guys. You know when we started out a few years ago . .–

Marcel: Yeah?

Craig: How many of us were there?

Marcel: Me, Vanoss, Lui, . . Mini, Moo, . . WILDCAT . .


Marcel: Tyler.

Lui: But WILDCAT’s like, gone– Isn’t he?

No Time to Talk

Written for @fluffinthepan because they were the one to suggest the idea. Hope I did it justice!

“Yo, Luke? You home?” Delirious called out as he let himself into his best friend’s house. He desperately needed a night out, or at least one that was full of horrible choices and consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Their relationship was simple, both constantly showing up at each other’s houses without warning. Which was why, when Luke came around the corner with a shocked and guilty look on his face, Delirious was confused and concerned.

“Jon! You’re here. Um…why are you here?” 

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“If you look into the eyes of a person you discriminate against, or you think is so different than you that they deserve less rights than you, it becomes almost impossible to deny their humanity,” iO Tillet Wright (@dandydarling​), author of a new memoir “Darling Days,” tells us in his “Brief But Spectacular” take on expanding one’s circle of normalcy. 

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