Ezra: “Hey.”
You: “Hey, uhm, I think I made the wrong choice. I love you and I.. I want to be with you. You mean the world to me and I don’t care what other people think.”
Ezra: (smiles) “Come here.”

You run into his arms and he lifts you up to bring you inside. You kiss him like there was no tomorrow, because you missed his lips and him. He brought you to his bed with a smile on his face. You knew what was going to happen and you loved it. Because Ezra wasn’t mad about what happened, he just wanted you back too. And clearly enough, he missed having sex with you too.

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PLL preferences - Your first kiss with him.

You would be having your first date and you were so nervous and shaking and he would notice. He kind of knew that you knew what was coming, because he wanted to kiss you badly. It would be so exciting and scary at the same time. So he would pull you close and grab your cheeks. He would smile, with his gorgeous smile and say “just go with it. you know how to do it.” and he would pull you closer and you would kiss. And he was right. You knew how to do it, it was just Jason who made you scared. But in the end you would have the most amazing kiss you could ever think of.
Your first kiss with Ezra would be very rushed. Because you were at school and since he is the teacher, you can’t just be with him. He took your arm and led you to a closet or something. You couldn’t see it because it was dark and he would go “I know this is dumb, because we’re here and in school, but I couldn’t wait, because you’re so amazing and I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” And you would put your lips on his to make him stop talking and you would smile against his lips and it would be so amazing. And in the end you had to stop, because otherwise it went way too far.
I think your first kiss with Caleb would be so cute. I think you would both want it really want and you would go for it at the same time. And your nose would boop and you both would laugh and you would just laugh it off and Caleb would go like “okay im gonna go. you, wait.” and you would start laughing again, but then after some time you would finally feel his lips on yours and you would lay your hands on his cheecks and it would be so so good.
I think with Toby it would be like one of those days where you just hang around together and then suddenly he would be very clingy. But you like it, so you push your lips into his neck and you would sit on his lap and things like that. But then like in the end you would go like: “we havent even kissed yet” and toby would be like “we can do that now” and he would kiss you and it’s like sparkles and fireworks going off.
Mike would be the stressed on out of you too. He wouldn’t be sure if you like it. But you would just go in for it and he would so suprised that he wouldn’t answer the kiss and you would back off. And you would go like “I thought you would like it, I mean..” and he would grab your hands and smile and go “I was just suprised, ofcourse I like it” and he would kiss you again and gosh, you wouldn’t be able to stop kissing since then.
Noel would be dared to do it actually. Which is weird because you’re dating, so why dare him to do it. But you were at a party and they asked him to do it. So he would look at you and ask you if it was okay and then you would say yes. He would just grab you and he would kiss you. And despite the alcohol taste you would realise how good of a kisser he is and the people who go saying “stop stop omg!” but you wouldn’t stop, because he’s a perfect kisser.
Wren would come up from behind and wraps his arms around you and you would cuddle into him, because you like to do that. And then he would slowly turn you around, but you would be completely clueless and he would look at you with hearteyes. And you would go like; “Wren what-” but before you could end you would feel his lips pushing onto yours and you would finally get it. And damn, it would make you feel so good.