bb7 all stars

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i just got into big brother this season and i want to watch some old seasons. which ones are the best to rewatch?

okay first of all, literally every season will be at least 10x more entertaining than this one

anyway, seasons 2-10 are considered classic big brother, but you could also include 11-14 in that as well, these are all the “good” seasons

so before you get to the really good seasons, i would recommend watching bb15, but only if you want to.  They have horrible personalities, but they play really great games, and if you watch it, even though the HGs are terrible people, you’ll find you can still root for them on a gameplay level

other seasons that are probably better to start with if you want a good time, are bb2, bb3, bb4, bb5, bb6, bb8, and bb10 (basically seasons 2-10, but bb7 is All Stars, and bb9 is the OG worst season)

those ones i think are the best ones, but you can’t really go wrong with a season before bb15, but the 2-10 are definitely good ones to watch

if you want to narrow it down further, 2-6 are REALLY good

sorry this isn’t a very concise like, recommendation list or whatever, but you can’t really go wrong with a pre-bb15 season

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What Is your favorite BB season?

Up until very recently, BB7 (all stars) was my favorite season. But now I’m pretty sure BBCAN2 is my favorite season of all time. I’m just so impressed with everyone and everything that happened throughout the course of the season. And 100% the reason for it being my favorite season is because of this girl right here: