Day 11: Which eviction speech was your favorite and why?

Big Brother 11, Chima’s speech against Braden, is hands down one of the best BB moments ever, even if we didn’t even get to hear half of it! This is one of the first Big Brother episodes I ever saw, and I find it very pertinent in light of this season’s racism and bigotry.


Day 9: What game move in the Big Brother house was the smartest and why?

Nakomis’ six-finger plan was probably the smartest move of all time. It gave her complete control, and forced the producers to change the mechanism of veto selection for future seasons.

(Sorry bout the poor video/audio quality)


Day 23: Which fight inside of the house was the most memorable?

Two words: Keesha’s birthday.


Day 22: What is/was your favorite alliance in the Big Brother house of all time?

There are a bunch of contenders for this one: BB4’s “Girl Power” alliance and BB13’s Daniele-led alliance come to mind as containing several of my favorite players. But as an alliance, I don’t think there’ll ever be one better than Danielle and Jason’s “Angel and the Devil” alliance in BB3.


Day 2: Of the seasons of Big Brother you’ve seen, which runner-ups deserved to win over the winners and why?

Danielle & Daniele. Danielle would have won if they kept jury in sequester properly; Daniele’s gameplay was so much better than her dad’s. What does BB have against people with this name?

(If we’re including who I wish would have won, but didn’t necessarily deserve it, we’d have to include Erika (BB7) and Porsche (BB13).)