Day 30: Do you want to be a Big Brother houseguest someday? Whose game would you most like to emulate? Feel free to take little bits from several houseguests.

Of fucking course I want to be a house guest! I would try to be like Britney, who was likable and funny; Rachel, who was sassy; Dan, who was plotting; Will, who had the best social game; Daniele, who was likable and good at competitions; Janelle, who was like Daniele- likable and good at competitions; Andy, who was everyone’s friend; and Ian who was lovable and cute and smart!

so i’m transforming the big bang 30 day challenge into an edits challenge that way i can practice my photo shop skills with something i find interesting (namely k pop). i’m also going to do the block b 30 day challenge, the TOP 30 day challenge, anddd the BAP 30 day challenge. 

Day 1/30: Song That Made You A Fan

Day 28: Who do you predict will make it to the final 3 of Big Brother 13  15?

I think it’s going to be Elissa, Amanda, and GinaMarie. Because I think Elissa can fight for herself, nobody is gunning after GM, and Amanda has everyone brainwashed. And I hope Elissa is in it and I pray that she will win. 

Day 2/30: Favorite Big Bang Song

I think I ended up really liked this song when I heard Seungri’s part. His whispering/pleading voice when he sings “kajima / hajima” really was believable to me. And what further drove this song home for me was when I read some fan fiction (don’t judge) that played off of Seungri’s part in this song.

Also, TOP sounds hot as balls in this song.