no one will ever live up to the crackedt icon of bb17

Da'Vonne Rogers was a contestant on the CBS show Big Brother she has recently has gone viral with the gif below. She was the only entertaining thing about this season. She will not let anyone talk down to her, as seen in the video above, which everyone will perceive as “the angry black girl” stereotype. Facing the usual struggles that black people go through on this show, she was also sexually harassed at one point. Vote for her here until September 19th and help her win $25,000 to support her daughter

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point blank and the period 😭

!!!!!!!!HEY EVERYONE!!!!!

Well lets hope that got your attention, but hey in case you don’t know me, my name’s Steffen, and right now I’m involved in the latest House Of Shade season….THE SEASON OF TERROR, hosted by the fabulous Rhea

Now recently I’ve just been nominated by the HoH

Becky says it best, it is gross, but there’s something that all you fabulous people seeing this post can do, like it, reblog it, just make sure this baby wracks up some good old notes, cause that’s how I’m gonna save myself, if I win I can save myself for the week, and I can continue in this season of terror

And that’s how everything will be if I win this veto, A FRIGGING PARTY, so like this, reblog it, tell your friends, your estranged family members, even that random person who’s been eyeing you the past couple of days…TELL EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE A KWEEN!!!!!!!!!


Also we did a lip syncing comp, and I did mine to the Scream Queens Intro

Hope that sways you, cause you all are iconic