It’s so great to see everyone realize how great a season BB17 was. It gave us so many great things like:

- Really great female players. 12 HOH wins were female and the highest percentage of competition wins was by a woman, Vanessa with 32%

- When we all thought that Johnny Mac was crack’d when really he’s actually a great guy just with a weird laugh.

- Everyone recognized that Jace was bad news Week 1 and backdoored him.

- BB Prom and everything that came with it.

- Da’Vonne figured out the twin twist and it was only Week 2.

- Becky’s train story

- When we all found out that Shelli’s twin brother looked like Clay.

- When Vanessa staged the fake fight with Jeff to have a reason to target him. (You must be like silly)

- The musical they came up with (THE MAYO ALLIANCE, WE KNOW ABOUT IT)

- Audrey’s whole entire four weeks in the house and she was the first transgender house guest.

- The Gronk party week with the shower party.

- When they abandoned the BB Takeover because the game play was that good.

- Clay’s mumbling compilation.

- When James nominated Clay and Shelli.

- Clay and Meg in the bathroom.

- The fight that happened before Clay got evicted (You’re either gay lovers or related. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.)

- The face James made when Becky got kale in her HOH basket

- When Becky nominated Vanessa.

- Every time Vanessa cried and we had no idea if the tears were real or not.


- Pot Ball

- James’ pranks, especially when he pranked Julia

-  Grandma Meg and her caretaker James

- BB Court where Austin and James ended up in jail under the stairs and Becky was the judge.

- When Vanessa evicted Austin and sent him out of the house with no shoes on.

- Jecky was the only good showmance and it wasn’t even a showmance.


Never forget this nonproblematic cinnamon bun that discovered the twin twist by looking at their teeth hahahaha.

“She is a healthy, energetic 26 year-old from the outside, but Meg Maley has been battling with psoriatic arthritis most of her life. In the summer of 2015, Meg had the opportunity to become a houseguest on the CBS reality show, “Big Brother.” Before and during the show, Meg kept her disease a secret, fearing the thought of others putting limitations on her. After the show ended, Meg decided to use her newly found platform as an opportunity to finally share her story of living with psoriatic arthritis.”

raven should take notes from meg “legend” maley!

Imagine an All Stars season where they have to work in pairs with someone they don’t like

potential pairs:

1. Jessica Graff (bb19) and Josh Martinez (bb19)

2. Michelle Meyer (bb18) and Will Kirby (bb2 and bb7) 

3. Dan Gheesling (bb10 and bb14) and Jerry MacDonald (bb10)

4. Shelby Stockton (bbott) and Jason Roy (bb17 and bbott)

5. Amanda Zuckerman (bb15) and Elissa Slatter (bb15)

6. Ragen Fox (bb12)  and Rachel Reilly (bb12 and bb13)

7. Cody Calafiore (bb16) and Christine Brecht’s husband (bb16)

8. The entire bb6 cast and Aprils dog

9. Chima (bb12) and production