Imagine an All Stars season where they have to work in pairs with someone they don’t like

potential pairs:

1. Jessica Graff (bb19) and Josh Martinez (bb19)

2. Michelle Meyer (bb18) and Will Kirby (bb2 and bb7) 

3. Dan Gheesling (bb10 and bb14) and Jerry MacDonald (bb10)

4. Shelby Stockton (bbott) and Jason Roy (bb17 and bbott)

5. Amanda Zuckerman (bb15) and Elissa Slatter (bb15)

6. Ragen Fox (bb12)  and Rachel Reilly (bb12 and bb13)

7. Cody Calafiore (bb16) and Christine Brecht’s husband (bb16)

8. The entire bb6 cast and Aprils dog

9. Chima (bb12) and production

This season has been great, but something about it just isn’t my specific cup of tea. And then I realized what it is was. 

There have been no moments as truly uplifting as when Zach Rance nominated Nicole and Cristine, and he said that if you looked up floater in the dictionary there would be a picture of Cristine and Jenn City holding hands, and proceeded to call Nicole a froot loop dingus. And to make it even better, Nicole fucking cried afterwards. 

I will probably never experience something so chaotic and pure like that ever again, but at the very least, my children should. 

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