bb15 gifs

Why is it so hard for black women to play bb? Neeley was put on the block and evicted by america because she was close to kryssie, but so was jason and they didnt put him up. Danielle was hated from the start and got called a horrible mother, a slut, and a bunch of other things. Da'Vonne was constantly called sketchy for no reason (apparently reading the bible is sketchy). Loveita from bbcan4 was also hated for no reason. I remember when she left someone in the house said they felt “so much safer”. Oh and lets not forget Candice who was placed in a house filled with racists. When will black women ever catch a break on big brother?

                First time playing as a female contestant ever 

When you actually try in a BBTC since like a month and literally control the game my f5 alliance all in f5 together then I get blindsided cause they thought jury liked me more than them. Cause Chanel’s ass told kim that jury likes me and her the most since she won buyback. So Chanel’s ass literally fucked up my game. I love her though F2 since day 1 of the survivor game. And shoutout out to obnoxious winning week 1 immunity and week 2 reward then getting evicted as a sugar cookie. We were a f2 but she left her cookie in the milk to long and that shit got to soggy and broke in half like her game. She’s cool though but I was waiting for her to roast on cam but NOOOO.