I just need Zach to go up to Frankie on his way out and kiss the fucking shit out of him and be like, “that’s what you just kicked out the house.” And gracefully bow out and come out to the screams of 95% of big brother viewers and know that he is loved….. Yes I understand this does not help the negative connotation that zankie shippers get. I truly give negative 6 fucks.

Nicole is going to turn into a Berserker

She has no allies and all the motive to ruin people’s games. It’s not like she has a false hope that she might be staying this week if she complys with these HG- she’s fully aware that she needs to win this HOH or she’s going home.

People are quick to judge that she’s too trusting of Christine and Derrick, but keep in mind that Nicole knows this game inside out. She knows how perception works and she’s working it to her advantage. 

For instance, Hayden calling out Frankie and Christine game when he knew his time was up gave her an upperhand because they knew he was telling the truth. She didn’t say it first, but confirmed it with her back against the wall- placing targets back on Christine and Frankie for playing the middle.

Also, she knew the fact that Christine took her to the Beehive room and locked the door made Christine look like she was covering her tracks (which she was). Nicole went right afterwards to Cody and called him out to being a rat, knowing that Cody saw that Christine was the last person Nicole talked to. 

Nicole is also handling Zach pretty well. She’s not getting enraged or emotional but pretending not to hear him and agree with him. He already said that he believed Nicole over Christine and Frankie, and the fact that she’s not running to  apologize and say ‘you were never my target’, but owning up to the fact that she got screwed. It makes her look more honest.

Fuck, the fact that both Zach and Caleb said they believe Nicole over Frankie and Christine is pretty telling. Nicole isn’t scrambling, she’s calm and makes it look like she laid all her cards out and has nothing to hide. Its Frankie and Christine who look bad for running around the place.

I’m pretty sure Nicole doesn’t trust Derrick either. Only 2 people knew about the BD Frankie plan, and although Christine stated that Cody was the one who told her, Nicole is fully aware of how sly Derrick can be. The fact that he “knew he didn’t have the votes” but didn’t warn her was suspicious enough. Right now she’s rehashing the F2 deal and putting all of the blame on Cody because she wants him to believe that she would go after Frankie, Christine, Zach and Cody before Him- exactly what he wants. Not to mention, Derrick is already fishing for Jury votes, so telling him that she was loyal to him is just going to boost his ego. He won’t go after her this week because the longer she stays, the more secure her jury vote is.

To be honest, I don’t think Nicole gives a damn about anyone in that house. Its pretty obvious her days are numbered so I’m sure that her true goal is to drag as many people down with her. She’s guaranteed 13K so her focus is going to be doing what super fans want to do- make good T.V.

Excuse me zankie/Zach/Frankie shippers or whoever the fucked just had the nerve to negatively comment on Zach’s physical appearance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that boy. He’s a genuinely attractive and sexy guy. I mean everyone has their likes and dislikes obvi but to call him ugly or make fun of his snaggle tooth which I wasn’t even aware he had is rude as fuck and unnecessary. Jesus can’t we all just love each other and get along. *gator clap*. I’m out.