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Anonymous said: hey bb could you write zach dempsey x reader where the reader is like 5'3 but is the big spoon? thx ilysm

a/n ; this is super short, cause I thought it should be short and sweet ya know. 

word count;  340

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“Zach, hurry up.” Y/n whines and makes grabby hands at her boyfriend, who just rolls his eyes at her antics. Y/n is a pain when it comes to cuddles because it is all that she wants. Cuddling 24/7 is probably what she wishes for at any chance. As she continues making whiny noises, Zach takes off his jacket and lays down in his bed next to her.

“Hey.” he mumbles, turning his head to the side to look at Y/n who’s watching him, holding her head up with her hand.

“Hi.” she says smiling lazily, and boops Zach on the nose. “I’m glad you took a quick break from studying for the biology test and decided to come cuddle with me.”  she mumbles before launching herself on him and hugging him, pressing kisses onto his face.

“Y/n! Stop.” Zach says laughing, trying to stop your from continuing with your “torture” .

Stopping Y/n pushes Zach onto his side and hugs his back, making him the little spoon.  She kisses his cheek one last time, and run her hands up and down his arms lightly, causing goosebumps to appear on his skin.

“I love you.” she murmurs into his ear and squeezes him reassuringly. She hears Zach sigh happily and her heart  begins beating quickly, loving how Zach allows her to hold him and reassure him that she will always love him and be there for him.

“I love you too.” Zach says sleepily, as Y/n runs her hands through his hair .

Hours later Karen, Zach’s mom knocks on his door, telling the couple to come down to dinner. When she hears nothing from them she opens the door, and sees Y/n holding Zach tightly while they both sleep. Smiling to herself, she closes the door, but not before taking a picture, and leaves walking down towards the kitchen.

She’s truly happy her Zachary found Y/n, as she brings out the best in him, and makes him happier than she’s ever seen him.

So this happened on the BB17 feeds tonight. They were going around the table saying which past house guest they would want to make out with. Meg was the one who initially asked the question but was the last to answer. I was just waiting for her … I knew she was going to say Zach lol. First she actually said Jeff Schroeder then said Caleb was hot, but she had a “weird personality crush” on Zach. She said that he was too young and immature so maybe when he’s 29. When Becky brought up the whole "he needs to be straight and into women,” they all talked for a few minutes about Zankie etc. Meg said he would be perfect when he’s about 30 because he will be “grown out of all of that.” <initiate eye roll> 

If anyone’s interested in watching, it was at about 10:07pm BB time Cam ½.