Question Tag!

Thank you @jeonkookiemonster My lil bb for tagging me ily 💖 

 1. Favorite song at the moment: Put My Hands On You by DEAN like it’s constantly in my head dear god 

 2. A word or phrase you overuse:
 Cries, fucc, dear god, omfg, lol, like, tbh, ngl… Someone save me tbh 

 3. Least favorite food:
 I h8 salad, do not put that shit near me. 

 4. If you could spend your entire life with a kpop/khh group or solo artist who would you choose: 
BTS you need an 8th member? 

 5. Who’s/What’s your Screensaver/Wallpaper at the moment:
 Just some boringness 

 6. Zodiac Sign: Cancer! I love astrology btw 

 7. Van’s or Jordan’s:

 8. Biggest pet peeve:
 I have so many omfg. I h8 when people like complain about something and yet have the solution to the problem but do nothing to fix it. I h8 pet names, leave. Oooo and it really gets on my nerves when people don’t listen, like when I ask you to come here, don’t ask why?? Just do it omfg. That’s just more with lil kids tho cause I work at an elementary school whoops 

9. CL or HyunA: 

10. SMTM or Unpretty Rapstar: 
I know what Unpretty Rapstar is I’ve seen it once or twice before but idk what SMTM is lol so I guess Unpretty Rapstar 

11. iPHONE or Android: 
iPhone leave with ur crusty android 

 I tag @chamomile-tae @skythehotnugget @pretentioustrashcan @rapling @dabseok  @mintbean  course y'all don’t have to do this ! you can ignore this too tbh