Here I am back to the search of a lip product (other than balms) that make me feel comfortable enough. Today, I’m sharing one of my new and favourite finds! Etude House was already loved brand due to their nail polishes, but now, their Dear Darling Tints are even higher in my love scale! You can find these (and more!) at BB Cream Boutique.

Although these look like glosses, they are jellies that leave lips with a stained effect - not like a gloss and not like a lipstick! The texture on the lips is super light and very, very long lasting (I mean, they are even difficult to remove lol). One layer gives a subtle hint of colour, and with more layers, you get more opacity and vibrancy. This is reaaally good for getting just what you want on your lips, but the more layers you add, the stickier it gets (not like a gloss, more like a dry stickines). And the stickiness is the only negative thing I have to say, really. These are fannnntastic.

You can see the jelly texture, the “bent” doe foot applicator (it’s not bent, it’s just like that) and the swatches (full and blended) of:
#1 Berry Red: A bright pink, but enough toned down not to be neon or in your face pink.
#2 Real Red: A very good balanced red, very vibrant. This looks good on skins cool or warm!
#4 Vampire Red (sorry I wrote a 3, I was a bit silly, it’s actually number 4!!): A dark, sultry red that looks the most “matte” of them all (it’s actually not matte, but it’s the least light reflecting)
– All of them have a “wet lips” effect :)

I just love these and have made me a convert for lip tints/stains. I can get as little or as much colour as I want without the shine of a gloss. I was also sent me a little envelope with cute samples (I will post a pic later). You need to try lip tints if you haven’t already, and these are the perfect ones to start. Try one, a couple or try them all! Whatever you do, be sure to check BB Cream Boutique out :D