Okay, but can we talk about Jaal’s mom for a minute?

She has sent me mail asking me about human birthing processes (”for obvious reasons” by her words), asking me if I love pie (she apparently wants to make a pie for me), asking me about my homeworld (so she can make it more comfortable on Havarl for me), asking about my favorite weapon to use against the Kett, asking me for my health documents and a narrative of my life’s store. 

I don’t think I’ve loved a potential mother-in-law as much as I love Jaal’s mom.

That’s interesting.  I wandered into the Cultural Center while an Angaran was talking to an Asari and he was confused about their single gender.  And he felt embarrassed that he referred to her as “she” and asked if she had a different preference.  She said she didn’t mind the female pronoun, but appreciated that he asked, and then went on to explain that some Asari prefer male pronouns and some prefer neutral pronouns.  

Bioware may have fucked up on the m/m romance front, but that was a nice little lesson on pronouns for anyone paying attention :)

For awhile I was a little sad that a lot of turians seem to be bare-faced in Mass Effect Andromeda. I loved seeing their clan markings in all the other games, but it seems more sparse this time around.

Then I thought about it. Many of them have left their homes, their family and the Hierarchy. Abandoning duty is one of the highest dishonors a Turian can commit which often strips them of rank, social standing and most times their own life.

Or they could have renounced clan markings and wanted to start a new life away from the rigorous hierarchy standards.

Not sure if this was the thought process behind it, but it’s pretty neat!