“When there’s so much at stake I just think about what I’d lose if I fail.”

“Thanks for the dance, Lola.”

“It’s freeing to find no requirements placed on me. No responsibilities. No fears.”

“Are you flirting with me Commander? Wait, wait, don’t tell me. Let me live in the illusion.”

Favourite Mass Effect 3 moments (Part 1/?).

Thanks @cactuarkitty for telling me how to create nice gifs, you’re great!


Commissions are open! 


  • headshot - 16€
  • black and white portrait - 25€
  • color portrait - 40€

I will draw any original characters. Please provide references and/or a description for original characters! I won’t draw furries.

I’ll make a rough sketch first and once you’re happy with it, I’ll give you my PayPal email. When I’ve recieved your payment, I’ll start working on the rest. For the portraits, there will be a progress shot, so that you can tell me whether or not to tweak something. For the headshots I’ll finish it once you have approved of the sketch.

If you’d like to commission me send an email with the references at (This is not my PayPal.) If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or send me an email as well! c:

For more examples you can browse my art tag here.

Day 273 of the 365 art challenge.

Y'know, I always felt annoyed that Morinth didn’t get an appearance in Mass Effect 3 aside from that one enemy at the end of London. So I decided to fix that and design her a new outfit. I based the little capelet off someone’s design for ardat yakshi monastery uniforms, adding Samara’s loyalty jumpsuit, her leg bracers from her normal outfit, and a jacket that was lifted off some early asari commando concepts.

I don’t get why she didn’t get her own version of the monastery mission, it could’ve been easily done! They already had her writing to her sisters in the shadow broker files for crying out loud! That way, we could’ve seen a sister dynamic between Morinth and Falere/Rila, especially if she had heard about other ardat yakshi being turned into Banshees and had turned up to rescue them, because I do believe that she cares for them as much as Samara does. And we also could’ve heard more about the monastery and maybe why she didn’t go for it (aside from liking mind melding with people), so we could’ve had a different perspective! And at the end of the mission, she could’ve gone on to rescue other ardat yakshi, so we could’ve had her, and the other ardat yakshi as war assets!

Ah well, guess I’ll have to keep imagining this scenario then :)