Any time I spend away from my tablet has been spent scribbling this lady in my sketchbook… I’ve been wanting to do a more clean drawing of Vetra and needed an original drawing to use as a prize in my giveaway, so I whipped this up! Materials: magenta acrylic ink, blue micron brush pen, and white uniball pen 

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At Pathfinder HQ
  • Esteemed Asari Pathfinder: we're already settling three planets uninhabited by intelligent lifeforms.
  • Esteemed Turian Pathfinder: we've already begun mineral extraction operations on two planets.
  • Esteemed Salarian Pathfinder: we're already forming a treaty with a sapient race, based upon benefits we are able to offer each other.
  • Ryder: I got swallowed by a plant and it took Vetra and Liam three hours to rescue me. Drack was laughing the entire time.

Confession:  I always liked how Part three was set up. The choices were difficult to make, some that were easy, some that were difficult. Do you save this political figure or his people? Do you save a race that has just came back from a dead, or do you save your friend and his group? Do you help a race return home after being exiled, or do you help the machines that they built keep it? I like the feeling that it isn’t black or white, that each decision leaves you wondering if you made the right choice or not.

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