caora  asked:

No request, I just wanna say that I adore your art style! You could draw absolutely anything, and I'm almost guaranteed to love it <3 All the bbs boys look so adorable in your style that it's impossible to pick a favourite design, but I think I have a particular fondness for Delirious and Vanoss, but again, they're all cute <3 I could stare at your art forever tbh and never tire of it. Keep up the good work! <33

my favorite part of drawing the two are H2O’s piercings and Vanoss’ talon hands :3

thank you so much :D


I made my own Soulberry bab
First is what he usually looks like, he wears that pancho type of a thing then in the second is him without it.
I would have just went with the second one but I really wanted him to have some type of floof somewhere.
He could the youngest, I drew him pretty young here

Child of @amber-acrylic ’ s Soul!sans
And colors based off of a drawing of US sans by @ask-blueberry-sans
I was inspired to do this by @ravenpember-dtd because of freakin cute Smoothie
And @crowfry because of the cutie they added, I think his name is Star Fruit? (That’s super cute)