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Galactic Soulmates

Poe Dameron x Reader Soulmate!AU

Summary: In a world of soulmates, Y/N finds out that the Best Pilot in the Resistance, Poe Dameron, is hers.

Warnings: Angst, but then fluff, curse words

A/N: Enjoy everyone!! This is for @fandom-writes and @the-new-fanfic-order Galactic Fanatic AU Challenge

I do not own anything!!!

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name: Kon
age: 28
timezone: cst
favorite play-bys: I’m sure I have these, but I’m so comfortable swapping faces these days that THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER. I’m partial to freckles though!
fun fact about yourself: im a potato 
song/music ref that fits the site aesthetic: the transistor soundtrack!
what would you like to see from us? unicorns. also, robots. 
who is your favorite robot? this is a stressful question, BUT BB-8 IS MY FIRST LOVE.
favorite meme that relates to you:


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External image

I have no reason for this follow forever. I just wanted to have an excuse to make another Mad Max graphic. But since I did, here’s my lovely list of favorite tumblr cuties.

H o n o u r a b l e   M e n t i o n s :

tomhardies - Babe.

tomhardysswag - Who the fuck are you

imgoingtodrinkmymugoftea - Thank you for teaching me about nervous pooping

jaifkncourtney - The Jai to my Hardy

altf4pls - Why aren’t we dating yet

bignegro6 - Where the fuck are you hiding

everyone-was-kung-fu-fighting - You’re such a precious gem. Sigh.

notmykingdom - eat my shit

hooking - cootie patootie

gambitsgamble - ???

douglock - *sighs happily*

hotkniife - let’s share a trashcan together

ppelicans - birb


jingleballrock - why are you so nice to me ;(

heathledger - the cutest of the cute

dan-and-his-hormones - enough with your face

lady-america-singer - hi steph :)

gingerchastain - the other muslim tom hardy lover 

shackleboltrps - still good

renegadequeens - i miss you

mortem3rs - cin :( ur socute

brassknuckled - no, ferris

dicktouching - *waves*

sleighreyes - hi bb :)

eigenclau-se - i know who you are

hmara - my favorite fellow arab

deanambroke - youuuuu

soyoufoundgodhuh - no

razorblade-candy - blurp derp

xcskidd - thanks for liking all my stuff

thiseveningsun - come back

sleighreyes - gosh why you

larrystylnson - i love you

viktorkrumov - where

the-tao-of-who - ayyyy

punkassnrd - iman

C u t i e s   G a l o r e :

charwrites, saturnineaqua, akinsman, marlenamouse, betweenheadphonesandheart, justalilbitlippy, lolahardy, imissyoumyvalentine, aliyaayila, pudgefairy, finnickodimples, pmbrlys, thatfrenchhelper, corvincabbage, asshatry, faith-and-trust, manicpixiedream, righteouskillsociety, hyperlightdriftercaptainpoopweinersoldier, laughdancelive, disneysqueen, acklefrackle, graceforthefallen, krayvingcotillard, nobodycanleaveme, tohnystarks, hollyjollysmamsys, nelzipiezblowsyourmind, drakonskyrs, dicapriho, rockslu, tomhsrdy, santatelllme, jinglebellsbelcher, silver1x1, hardynessteamhardigan, spirallingmadness, narshasism, idle-handss, pacewrites, snarkydiscolizardburkaaan, purplecatprincess, smeldwrites, yo-cee, thephilyptian, tonyamariestark, starkreckon, carlolmao, adamantiym, theriacs, levi-writes, kendaspntwdidontbelieveinmistakes, saviorsoul, thusirascibility, kgbees, arcticmornkeys, hijabionhilltop, santa-norman, highglossheart, lordsekhmet, headelfbernardgodzillawillsaveus, ioweyouaphonebox, yaaabaa, xtremegryffie, theaoidostommy-shelbys, bootycall-frogclickers, thepensievepurplebish, kktharsis, imweirdthatway, angelina2013h

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G o o d   B l o g s :

kingjaffejoffer, jollyblackman, thymoss

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scullymademegay, benblalock, sapphiclibrarian, phoenyx-ailes-taille-la-lune, loblahh, popraaqs, lilbookofkell, aeroplanehotel, rerrede, y-nad, dream-5tream, kickrocksandcoffee